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Rees Abineau, AZ
mini location map2018-11-04
8 by photographer avatarBobP
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Rees Abineau, AZ 
Rees Abineau, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 04 2018
Hiking9.75 Miles 3,975 AEG
Hiking9.75 Miles   6 Hrs   30 Mns   1.63 mph
3,975 ft AEG      30 Mns Break
 no routes
1st trip
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Two weekends in a row over 5 miles :y: . Rees Peak is a fav of mine the views are Stella(in my best Brando voice). It was either this or a foray into the Mazzies. I was rooting for the Mazzies, but this one didn't disappoint until late in the hike and on the ride home.

Chums started at a brisk pace and I labored with my breathing. Not sure if it was from being out of shape or from the previous night. Maybe both. The beginning is nice and flat and the naked aspens were watching us as we strolled thru the krytonite forest. Not to be confused with the cryptonite coin market. Both of which can be irritating and cause you nausea and headaches. The hike gets fun when you hit the offtrail. Offtrail is my peanutbutter and blackberry jelly sandwich. I love being off the beaten track and taking the express route to the top. Chums lead the way and I labored thru up to 10,500 ft and at that point I knew it was less than a Squaw Peak to the top and celebrated that nonsensical idea.

The top was windy and cold and I was feeling whiney but mostly kept that to myself. I did say " I don't want to slow you down so maybe I'll pass on Abineau". I'm glad I continued in some ways and wish I hadn't in others. The trek down off Rees and up Abineau wasn't too bad and the stella views were what I remembered. The route off Abineau was pretty awesome and all I had to do was follow footsteps. Single ski tracks or footsteps or snowshoe tracks are awesome in snow. Headaches and nausea took its toll and the end of the hike had somewhat of a suck factor as did the ride home. I like red wine and drink cabernet. Cab is the the abbreviation and Chums had a bottle of it on top of Abineau. I accidentally hit it with a rock and it imploded. Fun hike with Norge
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