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Browns Peak Plus A Bolt and Washer, AZ
mini location map2018-11-17
15 by photographer avatarFLYING_FLIVER
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Browns Peak Plus A Bolt and Washer, AZ 
Browns Peak Plus A Bolt and Washer, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 17 2018
Hiking5.25 Miles 1,950 AEG
Hiking5.25 Miles   5 Hrs   25 Mns   1.98 mph
1,950 ft AEG   2 Hrs   46 Mns Break
1st trip
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I arrived at the trailhead just before sunrise, and was the first one on the trail.
I had the chute and Browns Pk to myself, and saw no one until I got back down through the chute, and back to the saddle.

I hiked up Browns Pk for the same reasons most go up there - the challenge, the views, and just the overall experience. However, I had one more objective, that coaxed me to hike through Browns Pk's chute of scree, and humorously vertical obstacles.

In 1899, surveyors set a survey disk atop Browns Pk. They named the benchmark, Four Peaks.
They also constructed an eight foot cairn over the disk. Well, the disk is gone, (which I already knew), and if you've been up there, you know the eight foot cairn is gone also.
However, there should be some telltale evidence of exactly where the benchmark disk was located. I easily found the location.

All that's left at the Benchmark location is a bolt, and a washer, secured in a drill hole. The bolt, and washer, are in plain sight, but if you're not looking for them, you could easily not know they're up there. If you have noticed them, good for you.

So, locating what's left of the 1899 surveyor's efforts was my extra reason for going up to the top of Maricopa County.

The hike was alot of fun, and a good challenge.
Now - For a Feel Good story.

After I got back down to the saddle, I visited with four hikers for a moment, then I proceeded to the trailhead.
Those four hikers did me a great favor, and are now my 'new best friends'.
(I now call them the …. 'Saddle Four' hikers).

The 'Saddle Four' hikers were taking in the views at the saddle before going up to the peak, as I was on my way back to the TH.

About ten minutes after I left the 'Saddle Four', I noticed I had left my cell phone, either on the peak, or just off the peak. :pout:
Some hikers were coming up from the trailhead, and I told them my cell phone saga, and also gave them my name and home phone #. I told them if they were going to the peak, please look for my cell phone, OR if they see any hikers that are going to the peak, give those hikers my home phone #.

Well, all that worked perfectly. :y:

Somewhere up the trail, the hikers I gave my home # to, talked with the 'Saddle Four' hikers, and gave them my home phone #. Those 'Saddle Four' hikers proceeded up to the peak, located my cell phone, and called me at home, from the peak.
(They used their cell phone, as mine was locked).

On the phone, one of the 'Saddle Four' said, "Hey, did you lose a cell phone on Browns Pk"?
I could hardly believe it. It was definitely my lucky day.

Anyway, when they got done with their hike, they were kind enough to rendezvous with me near my home, and return my adventurous cell phone.
I thanked them for all their efforts and thoughtfulness.

Although my cell phone was locked, the 'Saddle Four' still succeeded in taking a 'selfie' of themselves on my cell phone. I included their selfie in my photoset.

If any of those 'Saddle Four' hikers read this HAZ triplog,
…….. I say again - "Thank-You" - "Thank-You" - for all your efforts.
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Named place
Browns Peak Four Peaks
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