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Brown's Ranch Upper Trail, AZ
mini location map2015-01-15
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Brown's Ranch Upper Trail, AZ 
Brown's Ranch Upper Trail, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 15 2015
Hiking7.20 Miles
Hiking7.20 Miles   3 Hrs      2.48 mph
      6 Mns Break6 LBS Pack
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Trail Route: Hiked Brown's Ranch for the first time and, due to my hiking compadre's need for an easy course at a casual speed and with very little elevation gain, chose the following route: Started at Brown's Ranch Trailhead, taking Upper Ranch Trail to Browns Ranch Raod Trail, connecting with Wrangler Trail for a short distance, connecting with Brown's Mountain Trail to Brown's Ranch Road to complete our loop.

Trails/Terrain: This trail is very well maintained, not at all rocky, and super easy for hiking, biking, horseback riding. Elevation Gain on this loop seemed minimal. We stopped only a couple or three times to snack, take pics, etc, but our pace was very casual so we didn't need to "rest" for long periods of time.

Hikers/Bikers/Horseback Riders: We passed all three on the trails. The trails are wide enough that passage was easy. Excellent stations for horses. People of various ages were on this trail.

My Favorite Part of this Hike: The HUGE White Tail deer we saw! Yep. Saw a massive buck with three does. I took pics and will post them in this log. The buck blends in the environment so you'll have to look closely, but he's there!

Recommendation: I would recommend this particular path for a newby hiker or for someone who wants a really gentle path with no-to-low stress or strain on the body and for sure for horseback riders. I'm not a mountain biker, so I wouldn't know if this is a good bike trail or not. But we did see several bikers, so I'm guessing it's a good one. Also, the accommodations at the trailhead are clean and well organized.
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