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Cone Brown's Loop, AZ
mini location map2014-12-07
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Cone Brown's Loop, AZ 
Cone Brown's Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 07 2014
Hiking8.29 Miles 922 AEG
Hiking8.29 Miles   3 Hrs   40 Mns   2.63 mph
922 ft AEG      31 Mns Break
Kathy was recovering from a cold/flu so she wanted to do something light so she texted me ;) . We tossed around a few options and then settled with the Scottsdale Sonoran Preserve as she hasn't done any hiking out here. I picked the Brown Cone's Loop clockwise. We had planned on Saturday but ended up going on Sunday. Sure glad that happened as the weather on Saturday was dreary at best. Sunday was perfect!

We started our hike around 10 and finished in time for a late lunch. The trail is just so nice and lovely. There are many times when we could walk side by side to chit chat. I also had my new camera so I was taking it for the inaugural hike. It is a bit of a learning curve as it's compact and I kept hitting the wrong buttons ](*,) . Essentially the camera (Panasonic DMC-ZS40) is a replica of my old camera except compact and it has a couple other bells and whistles like wifi and 30x zoom instead of 24 and a leveler.

I had our route written on a very small piece of paper that I had to consult a number of times so that we could do this :wrt: : Brown's Mtn Trail to Wrangler to Cone Mountain Trail to Upper Ranch Trail to Wrangler to Brown's Mtn Summit to Brown's Mtn Trail to Upper Ranch to Brown's Ranch Rd... got it? We encountered a few hikers here and there as well as bikers. Our biggest surprise was seeing Mazatzal on the SEastern side of Cone Mountain. He recognized me as Kathy and I were just chatting away. We stopped and visited with him and his wife and their friend for a few moments exclaiming what a wonderful day it was for a hike.

Our HAZtraks were having a competition as Kathy's started at the parking lot where mine didn't decide to start until we were a little ways on the trail. Also, Kathy's phone has more of an adult female voice where mine has what sounds like a female teenager's voice (I am trying to change the voice but am not having much luck with that so far). I used the gps route posted here from Scout II even though the mileage on the screen was like 17 or something :x .

We continued our journey around the western side of Cone and then headed east again before taking the trail toward the Summit. We took a break at the saddle to eat the pearapples I had brot and then headed to the Summit where we observed the various landmarks and mountains around us before heading back down. I like that one piece of the trail where you come around the rock face below the saddle as I think the view is enhanced with the rock face.

On our way back we discussed where to go for lunch. I had RXed where Juan Jaime's was and we decided to go there. That is one nice shopping center. Anyway, it was lovely as we sat outside and enjoyed our meal and beverage. The margaritas were exceptional as the amount of tequila seemed just right and it wasn't too sour. So kudos to the bartender which according to the waiter was him. Anyway, it's a nice joint; especially today with perfect temps to enjoy more of the outdoors :) .

Now I made my first video using the new software Adobe Premiere Elements 13. I sure do like this new interface that Adobe introduced with Premiere 11; I've been on 10 so was really looking forward to taking the new stuff for a spin. I'm not too impressed with the image quality of my photos but I had the camera set at - 1/3rd for a sunny day so I'm hoping that's why the photos aren't as good as I hoped.

I can't upload the video as I'm currently experiencing a problem with my brand new computer:
'); document print.print(); $('#object1').empty(); }); return false; } I thot I had it fixed yesterday morning as I did all sorts of stuff but then I uploaded a new program to set up my camera's wifi functions and the error came back (for example, I don't get the triplog comment box :( ).
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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