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Sutherland Ridge - Peak 5430
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mini location map2018-12-08
8 by photographer avatarjajohnson11
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Sutherland Ridge - Peak 5430Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 08 2018
Hiking10.60 Miles 3,747 AEG
Hiking10.60 Miles   7 Hrs   30 Mns   1.41 mph
3,747 ft AEG
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Couldn't have asked for better weather than we had today. The peaks on west side of the Catalina's have always been on my radar and have enjoyed hiking every one of them. After a failed attempt at Golder Dome last weekend (only ran out of daylight, made it to the saddle and turned around.) Decided to give this one a go with my buddy who was in town. Flew up the trail and made it to the XC junction in about 45 minutes. The going through the canyon was beautiful! So much water and fun climbs and maneuvers to get up and down all the rocks. We decided to head up to the saddle near 5430 near the same point of rvcarter's down route. This was the longest section of the hike. The usual for Catalina mountain XC ie shin daggers, bushwacking, tumbling rocks, crumbly rocks etc. At the saddle we had the first bump to get over which had some dense bushwacking. Amazing views the whole time up here. After that was a short decent to the final saddle. Left the trekking poles there (which was probably a mistake since we had to go out of our way to come back for them.) We scaled along the NORTH SIDE to get up to the summit which was definitely NOT the easiest route. It required a very tight chimney, and what easily could have been the higher limit of class 3 scrambling. The summit was amazing! Enjoyed being the 3rd and 4th hikers to summit this mandatory peak for any avid Tucson Hiker. Amazing views of Cathedral, Pusch, Big Horn, Table, Kimball, 57910 etc. Also great view of Golder Dome and its saddle where I was last weekend. Enjoyed the hike down. All in all a great day of hiking and would love to do 6001 in the near future- which will have to wait until Golder Dome has been done. I also got some ideas for other peaks in the area... Hope to do my first write up here soon. As always, thanks for the tracks HAZ!
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