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Slim Shady TrailSedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ
Hiking avatar May 04 2019
Hiking4.34 Miles 775 AEG
Hiking4.34 Miles   3 Hrs   42 Mns   1.17 mph
775 ft AEG
1st trip
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The loop of Slim Shady and Made in the Shade provides a relaxing, short jaunt among the Sedona red rocks. The loop sits on the west side of the main north-south road, across from the often-featured Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte, and just beneath the south end of a Seven Warriors formation. If done in the morning, the jaunt will feature evolving views of Bell Rock as the rising sun gradually illuminates the formation, plus good views of the differing colors and strata of the Seven Warriors peaks.

A special, nice twist runs above the maintained and officially-listed Slim Shady and Made in the Shade. The nice, little twist – an unregistered local trail. While the Shady-Shade loop runs at the base of formations, the local trail rises up to a ridge line at the top of the sloping sides of Seven Warriors, and just below the formation’s vertical spires and buttes.

This upper trail, though unmaintained and by all appearances unofficial, remains well-defined and easily followed. For our hike, we traveled along a short distance, and then descended, but this upper trail continues along the ridge. Why take the upper trail? Well, one almost always enjoys the quiet and uniqueness of an off-the-map path, and this one imposes no difficulties to traverse. But mainly one takes this route for the nice, expansive views, and the in-your-face perspective on the sandstone and limestone geology so richly abundant in Sedona.

Note, for the more knowledgeable, added trails, or I think the term would be routes, run further up to the top of the spires and buttes. We did not attempt those. While these routes to the top do not for the most part require technical climbing, they do rise more vertically, just a bit more treacherously, and not necessarily in a completely defined path.
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