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Salida Gulch Loop 2018, AZ
mini location map2018-09-20
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Salida Gulch Loop 2018, AZ 
Salida Gulch Loop 2018, AZ
Hiking4.54 Miles 752 AEG
Hiking4.54 Miles   4 Hrs   48 Mns   1.07 mph
752 ft AEG      34 Mns Break
1st trip
We started this hike following a track posted years ago and found that things have changed up at the north end of the trail where development is encroaching, so decided to post our route. The trails are confusing enough so that having a track to follow is very helpful.
We paid our $5 per car area access fee and parked at the paved parking lot at the north end of Lynx Lake. Take Hwy. 69 from Prescott or Prescott Valley, go south about 2.5 miles on Walker Rd. and turn left. This area includes a store and cafe, lake access, picnic area, restrooms and drinking water. The fee covers access to all recreation sites in the area, including a nearby ruins site and gold panning area on Lynx Creek.
Hiking clockwise, the northbound section follows along Lynx Creek much of the way. Start on trail 445 on the east side of the parking loop, then briefly on 442, and then 444 which ends at the Gold Panning area. Continue north on the dirt road to where it ends at a parking area with a large sign. Cross the creek and look for Trail 9263. The trail is confusing in this area and there are several gates that must be opened and closed, but you should end up on trail 95 which meanders generally southbound. As it curves west, find trail 94 which goes steeply uphill and then gradually down towards the lake and the trailhead.
There are many young trees and bushes along the trails but not much shade, so an early start is best to avoid the afternoon sun. The trails have lots of ups and downs with many beautiful views from the high points. We also found many species of wildflowers, especially near the creek.
 Named place
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[ checklist ]  Lynx Lake
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Moderate
Woolly Morning Glory (Salina Gulch Loop)
Chaparral Fleabane - f
Narrowleaf Penstemon
Buckwheat sp.
Scruffy Prairie Clover - f
Wild Chrysanthemum
Deervetch sp.
Fendler Globemallow
Fringed Rock Daisy
Alligator Juniper Cones
Ribbon Four O’clock - f
Slimleaf Lima Bean
Arizona Cudweed
DYC - tbd
Large-Flowered Brickelbush - f
Brickellia sp. - f
Spurge sp.
Western Yarrow
Sweet Four O’clock
Wild Purple Geranium
Mountain Parsley
Dalmatian Toadflax
Abert’s Creeping Zinnia
Scarlet Creeper
Paintbrush sp.
White Sweet Clover
Careless Weed
Rattlesnake Weed
Common Muilein
Buffalo Bur
Broom Snakeweed
Skyrocket - f
Arizona Thistle
Cliff Rose
Goodding’s Verbena - f
Blackfoot Daisy
Hooker’s Evening Primrose
Beardlip Penstemon (Lynx Creek Ruin Trail)
Golden Crownbeard
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