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BART and Bart Benchmark 3127, AZ
mini location map2020-01-06
35 by photographer avatarFLYING_FLIVER
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BART and Bart Benchmark 3127, AZ 
BART and Bart Benchmark 3127, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 06 2020
Hiking3.60 Miles 1,126 AEG
Hiking3.60 Miles   5 Hrs   39 Mns   1.89 mph
1,126 ft AEG   3 Hrs   45 Mns Break
1st trip
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Six years ago I did a hike and started my triplog by saying:
"This hike is all Hansenaz’s fault. (I’ve never met the gentleman, but I still blame him)" :)

Well, for this hike I say,
"This hike is all Outdoor_Lover's fault. (I’ve never met the young lady, but I still blame her)". :)

On New Years Day, Outdoor_Lover, and her Dozen-Plus New Year's Day Crew, hiked up Bart Benchmark 3127, and after viewing all triplogs, and photosets, I know they all had a great time.
They had great views, and great "HAZ" camaraderie - Bravo to all of them.

Outdoor_Lover said that none of her Dozen Plus Crew saw a "Bart Benchmark" on the hill named "Bart Benchmark". Some located Bart's reference marks, but not Bart himself.
That was enough enticement for me to get up there, and look around, and try to find the little guy.
I'm sure Bart would have wanted to join the party.

If Bart is still up there, and I locate it - Excellent.
If I don't locate Bart, I'll save face, and just say someone took it off the hill.
And - Even if Bart doesn't make an appearance, he was there in spirit, on New Years day.

Usually, locating a benchmark is not difficult, IF you have its datasheet of info, which includes the BM's LAT/LONG. Bart is one of those benchmarks with no readily available datasheet, so the next step is to rely on the arrows on the BM's reference mark disks. If the arrows were aimed perfectly, by the surveyors, then where the two extended "arrow aiming" lines cross, you should find the benchmark.
My experience on those arrows aiming correctly is maybe, 50%, or less.
So, off I went, to get a bit of exercise, and enjoy some views - And just maybe locate a little disk called Bart.

I started out before official sunrise. Once on the second or third bump, I looked back and saw the sun come up over the easterly mountains. A very nice view.

Once atop BB 3127, I easily located the summit log, where Outdoor_Lover and her Dozen Plus Crew, gathered for their celebration of New Years.
[ photo ]

I then easily located Bart's two reference marks, and attempted to line up their arrows. That took awhile due to the far distances the RMs are, from the top of the hill.
It turns out that the two RM lines cross each other at least 50 feet northwest of the high area of the hill top. I etched an "X" in the soft ground and dug down anyway - Nothing.
At least one of those RM's arrows is very, very wrong.
Not good.

Next - I used a little garden shovel to pierce the ground - Up and down each RM's extended arrow line.
My thought was, stab the ground to the hilt of the tool, and try to find the top of hidden bedrock, as that's what surveyors usually use to secure the Barts of the world on mountains and hilltops.
I failed to locate Bart on those RM lines. I found alot of small rocks, but no bedrock.

The last thing I do on a mountain is - Sign the Summit Log.

After a whopping 3 hours and 43 minutes on the hilltop, and dozens of holes and shovel stabbings, I stopped my search.
With great frustration, I logged into the summit log, and left BB 3127.


Well - Guess what ? - I got about 100 feet off BB 3127 and stopped, and went back up the hill.
I had one of these.
"A clear (and often sudden) understanding of a complex situation."
YEP - - - - A Brainstorm.

Bart WAS at the party, front and center.
Happy New Year
Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost
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