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mini location map2008-08-30
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Grand FallsNortheast, AZ
Northeast, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 30 2008
Hiking1.35 Miles 210 AEG
Hiking1.35 Miles
210 ft AEG
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This was are really neat area. The kids loved having lunch here. I tried to find a way down to the falls, but it would have taken longer than we had to get the kids down there. If we had more time, we probably would have. I posted two pictures where I thought we could make it down easily, they are the pictures of a wooden platform with a small solar panel, then the next picture is some rebar sticking out of a rock, it seems as though quite a few have taken this path down to the falls.

We did take our Yukon across the river, since we had seem a similar car do just that. The road going across the river is solid rock and the water wasn't flowing fast and wasn't deep. The roads are extremly washboarded no matter which road to take back to the main one.
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