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Bike Ride Around Peralta Trails 030321, AZ
mini location map2021-03-03
2 by photographer avatargfullmer
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Bike Ride Around Peralta Trails 030321, AZ 
Bike Ride Around Peralta Trails 030321, AZ
Road Biking avatar Mar 03 2021
Road Biking11.80 Miles 241 AEG
Road Biking11.80 Miles   1 Hour   18 Mns   9.19 mph
241 ft AEG      1 Min Break
1st trip
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This was a bike ride around Peralta Trails subdivision off of Peralta Road. I was trying to come up with a recipe that would allow me to travel all the roads in the subdivision by not remembering where I had been, but just following the rules. I didn't mind if I travelled down a road twice, but assuming I knew the boundaries of the subdivision and the direction I was travelling. I haven't found one recipe that does that yet. Any suggestions? One I tried that didn't work was turning right, then at the next intersection turning left at the next one.

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