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mini location map2021-05-29
17 by photographer avatarJohn10s
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Dogie Trail #116Sedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ
Hiking avatar May 29 2021
Hiking8.31 Miles 1,303 AEG
Hiking8.31 Miles   4 Hrs   18 Mns   2.52 mph
1,303 ft AEG   1 Hour    Break
1st trip
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We spent the first few hours of the morning checking out a few interesting geological features around Loy Butte, which led to a later than usual start for the hike at Dogie we'd planned. We knew going in that we wouldn't have time to get as far as we wanted. I hadn't done too much hiking in this part of Sedona, but I've enjoyed the handful of hikes I've done in the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness, and this one was no exception.

Aside from the ATV traffic, it's a scenic drive along the forest roads out near Robber's Roost, looking back east toward the cliffs of Loy, Bear Mountain, etc. We could see evidence along the forest roads where the dust from excessive ATV traffic is killing the trees...another downside of the explosive growth in tourism in Sedona in recent years. The last mile or two to the trailhead is unmaintained but is in good shape--there are a few minor rough spots, but nothing that a vehicle with reasonably high clearance would have problems with. The parking lot was empty when we arrived, and we didn't see anyone on the trail during the hike.

Dogie starts with a gradual incline up to the metal gate at Sycamore Pass, then descends into the canyon. The views along that part of the trail are fantastic, with lots of classic Sedona views with red cliffs and spires, but it's also clear that this area is on the outskirts of Sedona, with more tan/brown colors mixed in, including Casner Mountain to the east. All the tanks we passed were completely dry, as expected, and we got a little over four miles in before we needed to turn back, so we didn't quite complete the full "official" HAZ route. But we planned to return anyway and complete the much longer hike to Taylor Cabin on a day when we have more time. The trail itself wasn't particularly steep or difficult, just consistently beautiful views and solitude the whole day, which was nice for a holiday weekend in Sedona.
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