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Upper Lena Lake
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mini location map2021-08-16
23 by photographer avatarjohnlp
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Upper Lena LakeOlympic, WA
Olympic, WA
Hiking avatar Aug 16 2021
Hiking16.90 Miles 5,328 AEG
Hiking16.90 Miles
5,328 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Set out for Upper Lena Lake with a permit for an overnight backpack. 50% chance of rain. Wanted to also check out Milk Lake above Upper Lena. Ended up doing the whole thing as a day hike, avoiding any rain.
Got started hiking at 0630 after picking up a parking pass in Eldon. Reached Upper Lena at about 10 AM. I picked site #8 and set up camp. Peaceful and beautiful.
Next I set out to find Milk Lake. There is a use trail that goes out of the back of site #9 that will take you to the lake. Milk Lake is in a beautiful setting below a small glacier/snow field at the base of Mount Bretherton. I hiked to the far end of the lake and up the rocks and snow a ways. I didn't want to take any significant risk since I was alone, so I stopped there.
I returned to camp before noon. I decided to pack up and hike back out as clouds started rapidly floating by. Rain wasn't due until 2 PM and I really didn't want to hike down a steep slippery trail if I didn't have to.
The return hike went smoothly with no rain and I was back at my sister's house before dinner. Great hike. :)
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