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Lime Peak 3789 - Rover Peak Quad
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mini location map2022-02-08
20 by photographer avatarBobP
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Lime Peak 3789 - Rover Peak QuadPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking6.70 Miles 2,500 AEG
Hiking6.70 Miles
2,500 ft AEG
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I had planned on doing this last week but it was kninna cold :) . This hike was a little harder than I thought it would be and starting earlier may have been a better idea. I hiked along the shoreline and then forded the dry arm. I followed a creek bed and all was good. Deciding on which ridge to take is always a task. The one you aren't on always looks better until you are on it. The way up was brutal at times and fun at other times. On the upper level, I encountered a Big Horn that hissed at me several times and then just destroyed the side the mountain. Upper level was great and mean. Mean with stinging catsclaw. Never encounter bees in catsclaw until today. I lowered my head and contoured and was only stung once on the head. The knife on the ridge was fun and only had one option spot and it worked great. Great views from Peak 3531. The knife was between that and Lime only a few hundred feet of aeg fun. Lunch on Lime and then took a different route down. This time I heard the angry bees before they smelt me. I tiptoed by and it felt like a big win. A few other times I heard them but no other encounters. Followed a drainage down and right before the shoreline it got totally nasty. Climbing between catsclaw and Mesquite torns yuk. I could see daylight 50 yards but it was the worst. Shoreline hiking was soooo much appreciated. Great hike now that it is over. Didn't see anyone else :-k
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