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Anderson Glacier
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mini location map2022-07-20
9 by photographer avatarshelby147
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Anderson GlacierOlympic, WA
Olympic, WA
Backpack40.00 Miles 8,500 AEG
Backpack40.00 Miles2 Days         
8,500 ft AEG26 LBS Pack
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Made a quick trip out to the Anderson "Glacier". This was meant to be a longer itinerary but alas, I missed the puppy at home and got tired of looking at trees. Soooo many trees along Dosewallips. Views of the mountains don't really open up until Camp Siberia.The abandonded ranger station is interesting and campground nearby has great sites along the river. The road walk is tedious but means more solitude once you're out there. This was my first trip this summer where I didn't have to ford anything in my boots!

I found just enough room on the ridge above the Anderson Moraine to camp (more than one person would have to camp on the moraine). What a glorious campsite - views down the Quinault valley and a close up on Anderson peak and the tarn below. Avalanche lillies were in peak bloom on the hill above Anderson pass and indian paintbrush, columbine, lupine, valerian, white bistort, etc. were starting up by the ridge.

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