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Grapevine Creek - Grand Canyon
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mini location map2022-05-09
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Grapevine Creek - Grand CanyonNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Backpack30.00 Miles 6,500 AEG
Backpack30.00 Miles3 Days         
6,500 ft AEG25 LBS Pack
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Caught some cool weather and went down from Grandview to explore lower Grapevine creek and visit the Grapevine beach camp. Grapevine creek was gorgeous - flowing water, green vegetation, and so many tadpoles. The ravine I scrambled over to access the beach was challenging with an overnight pack. Lots of loose talus, some big chockstones, and thorny plants. It was a windy night so of course, sand all over my gear for the rest of the trip. Best sunset I've ever seen from the river, though!

On my way out on day 2 I explored up the eastern arm of Grapevine until reaching the top of the tapeats. Looks fairly well traveled there. Water at the Grapevine/ Tonto crossing was shallow and green, I preferred the water about 20 mins above/ below. This day was hot so I hustled over to Cottonwood without my planned detour on lower Old Grandview to rest in the shade. Here, I nearly couldn't sleep for the frogs. Then it was an early hike out the next morning, and good thing because food poisoning laid me low as soon as I got home.

I saw so many critters on this trip - tadpoles, bats, and birds, and my first rattler and tarantula hawk (very glad I saw the latter two before walking into them)! And I saw condors every day - it seems there's a pair + mature offspring hanging around Grandview point.

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water 1 out of 5water less than maxwater less than maxwater less than max Grapevine 3,648 Dripping Dripping

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Better water above and below Tonto crossing area
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