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Lake of the Angels Trail
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Percentage with short tricks part 1...
Percentage with short tricks part 1 ,By PRINCE SHARMA
Lake of the Angels TrailOlympic, WA
Olympic, WA
Hiking7.62 Miles 3,809 AEG
Hiking7.62 Miles
3,809 ft AEG
1st trip
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To get to Lake of the Angels take the Putvin trail off of Hama Hama Rd. The two trail names seem to be interchangeable. I have been looking at this hike for a couple years. It looked challenging and beautiful and did not disappoint in either regard.
Not far into the hike you pass near the grave of Carl Putvin, a trapper in the early 1900's the trail is named after. He died of exposure getting supplies for his family. He was only 20 years old.
The hike is pretty and pretty steep, like most hikes in the Olympics. I only got off track once where I crossed a snow drift I shouldn't have. I searched around for a while and finally found the trail again.
Lake of the False Prophet is reached after most of the AEG in a meadow that is wet and muddy. I managed to keep my feet dry which wasn't easy. Lake of the Angels is a bit further and a little higher up. Not a big lake, it is in a stunning setting surrounded by snow clad peaks.
After hiking to the head of the lake and looking around, I returned the way I came having had the lake to myself. I passed by a half dozen people all day.
Great hike. :)
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