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Granite Peak 5960
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mini location map2022-10-21
20 by photographer avatarMike_W
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Granite Peak 5960Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking4.80 Miles 893 AEG
Hiking4.80 Miles
893 ft AEG
1st trip
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Note: I did this hike in conjunction with Castle Dome peak which was a longer, harder bushwhack in comparison.

There may be better ways to get to Granite peak. I could have driven at least 1/2 mile up FS141/165 to shorten the RT hike by about 1 mile. The topo map showed through roads that appeared to now be private property. From where I parked, I took FS165/141 for about 1 mile West until the road appeared to turn S/SW. From this point, I decided to bushwhack West for approx 1/2 mile until I hit the AZ trail. I took the AZ trail SW, then it eventually turned to go SE, then South, finally. When I was about 1/4 mile from the top of Granite Peak, I bushwhacked up as I didn't find a trail going up. Instead of going back down the same way, I decided to bushwhack North and West to get back to the Arizona trail. That cut off some mileage from my hike. I continued back the AZ trail the way I came, but when I got to the 3-way junction, I stayed on the road heading to Castle Dome peak.

While going up to Granite peak, I saw at least 3 abandoned mine shafts with tailings under each. I went to take a look at the entrance of the first mine shaft and found a rattlesnake guarding the entrance which was closed by some metal bars. Maybe the snake was protecting some gold in that mine :-). I also saw several large beautiful colorful grasshoppers. I saw one fly into a sharp agave plant and it was speared right in the belly. I saw that it was struggling, so I used 2 sticks to free the grasshopper. Not sure if it will survive, but I couldn't leave it like that...

AEG for the roundtrip only to Granite peak from the 3-way junction (AZ trail) was 893 feet.
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