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Peak 5961 - Catalinas
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mini location map2022-11-02
44 by photographer avatarMike_W
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Peak 5961 - CatalinasTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking15.50 Miles 3,418 AEG
Hiking15.50 Miles   8 Hrs   15 Mns   1.88 mph
3,418 ft AEG
1st trip
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My original plan was to ride a dirt bike either to the gap or several miles down the 4x4 road and start the hike from there. The 4x4 road was so was so eroded, so full of ruts and steep grades that I was only able to get roughly 2 miles up. This put my rather basic motorcycle riding techniques to the absolute limit. I suppose I could have gotten further on a 4 wheeler, but even then, this road is definitely what I would consider extreme for riding motorcycles, bikes, and even quads.

So, I ended up parking my motorcycle off the side of the road and walking a total of roughly 12 miles on foot, and probably 4 miles on motorcycle. It is a long hike just going to the Charouleau gap and back. But, add this extra bushwhack and it makes for a long day. The road has a lot of up and down, and some winding. It was about 6.5 miles from the Charouleau Gap trailhead to the gap/saddle. At this location there's a sign indicating the Samaniego ridge trail heading up to the top of Mt Lemmon. As for the bushwhack, there was a lot of knee high grass covering rocks on the ground, which made it slow going. The peak seems to stretch on for about 0.5 miles with the high point being at the far North end. I found a registry with less than 10 names total over a 10 year period. I suspected this hike would not have many registry entries. It was already past 3 pm when I was at the peak, so I took my photos and started heading down to attempt to finish before dark. When it started getting dark, I made it 3-4 miles, but still had a few miles to go.

AEG = 3,418 feet
Michael Williams
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