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Veterans Peak
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mini location map2022-10-29
24 by photographer avatarMike_W
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Veterans PeakTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking5.78 Miles 2,151 AEG
Hiking5.78 Miles   4 Hrs   15 Mns   1.36 mph
2,151 ft AEG
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1st trip
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This was stop #2/3 on the hike from Duquesne road to Washington peak. Stop #1 was Peak 7000. This hike has a lot of up and down but with a steady pace, it wasn't too taxing. Jim and I found some decent trails going most of the way to Veterans peak. We needed to bushwhack a bit going down from Peak 7000 and near the top of Veterans peak. In some places we lost the trail, but were able to find the trail again within minutes by either following the ridgeline or by following an old barbed wire fence.

At the top of the peak, there was a small tower that was about 40 feet tall with some nearby solar panels. We thought this may have been used for communications. We found and signed a registry that was under some rocks at the very top, within 10 feet of the tower.

Others have mentioned this, but I thought I'd also mention that along the trails, we found a lot of debris left by border crossers including jackets, backpacks, shirts, pants, socks, cans, plastic bottles, paper and plastic wrappers, blankets and sleeping bags. We didn't see any people but this appears to be a route that was used and maybe is still in use today.

Note: The entire trip was 3,310 AEG. I'll put all elevation stats on the trip to Washington peak (stop #3 of 3).
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