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Bisbee 1000 Stairs
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mini location map2023-02-23
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Bisbee 1000 StairsTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking4.75 Miles 1,100 AEG
Hiking4.75 Miles
1,100 ft AEG
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1st trip
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I didn't follow the exact route of the BZB1000, but I definitely did more than 1000 stairs ... my calves were still sore two days later!
My favorite thing in the world is exploring, and Bisbee is made to explore - so I'm newly obsessed with it ... I've visited twice in February, and have the next visit already booked for early March.
I've stayed at two different hotels so far - one on Brewery Gulch, and one on Main Street. The Bisbee Inn/Hotel La More on Brewery Gulch was the best so far. I stayed in room 23 - the ghost cat room! Did not meet the ghost cat - or any other entities - but I did really enjoy the energy of the place, chatting with other visitors, and meeting the live cat who lives there ... his name is King Henry, and I sat on the porch providing him a warm lap on a cold night for about an hour. The Bisbee Ghost Tour came by while I was sitting out there with the cat, then they went into the hotel ... I believe I will take a ghost tour on one of my next visits.
Bisbee has over 33,000 stairs, in over 335 sets - along with a bunch of other skinny little streets and alleys - and all of them lead you on wonderful journeys past amazing houses and gardens, funky street art and historic treasures. I even bought a guidebook about the stairs and picked out a couple really interesting ones to visit this trip, and to plan for future trips.
Highlights included the Pumphouse Stairway - 111 steps up to the old Bisbee reservoir and swimming pool - and the 181 steps that connect Main Street to Maxfield Avenue at the top of Castle Rock.
I also enjoyed the Historical & Mining Museum - especially the upstairs, which is a Smithsonian affiliate - and the Bisbee Library. Bisbee has both Arizona's oldest library and it's oldest saloon (St. Elmo's),which is awesome. The library has been in operation since 1882 - the current building was the third one, and was built in 1907. It is three stories tall, with wraparound balconies on the 2nd and 3rd floor - and it is glorious!
Of course Bisbee also offers amazing restaurants and cool shops, along with just great people-watching and super cool locals. Next trip, I'm staying in a casita belonging to a local so that I can be in a neighborhood and get to know some people ... the casita also happens to be at the top of one of Bisbee's longest and most interesting stairways - it's 164 steps and it changes direction six times on the way up. Happily, there is also car access ... many of the homes in Bisbee have no car access - imagine having to climb up and down 100 steps every time you come and go - and carrying your groceries and everything else up those steps!
On my way out of town this last time, I also drove up Juniper Flats to check out the free camping areas up there - which are fantastic! Yeah, there is some trash and broken glass at some of them, but most are clean and have easy access and gorgeous views.
I might be visiting Bisbee every two or three weeks for the foreseeable future, so more triplogs coming! :)
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