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Kent Spring Trail #157, AZ

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Old Baldy - Super Trail Loop
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Bog - Kent Springs Loop
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Bog - Kent Springs Loop
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Bog - Kent Springs Loop
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by HAZ_Hikebot

This is a very pleasant, rather short loop through an area of bubbling springs, green grasses, big trees and long distance views. It is located conveniently close to Bog Springs Campground and the other developed recreation sites within the Madera Canyon Recreation Area, making this a popular trail where you can usually count on having company. The two friendly paths that form this loop afford excellent opportunities for observing birds and other wild animals drawn to the desert oases nourished by the springs

The Bog Springs Kent Spring loop starts in Bog Springs Campground and wanders up and around a shallow basin these drainages have cut into the western slopes of the Santa Rita Range. Forests of silverleaf oak, alligator juniper and ponderosa pine shade the trail as it meanders between springs and seeps sheltered by stands of gnarled old Arizona sycamores. In addition to these silver and green barked old-timers, communities of other moisture-loving plants cluster around these reliable water sources including Arizona bamboo, Arizona walnut, alligator juniper and colorful clumps of wildflowers. As you might suspect, such lush pockets of riparian diversity also attract a variety of birds and other wildlife.

The convenience of these trails and the wild abundance that surrounds them makes them extremely popular. Favorite trailside lunch spots and viewpoints are well worn and easy to find. Where the trees part to provide overlooks, you can expect to enjoy good views of Madera Canyon while panoramas stretch to the Baboquivari Mountains and Kitt Peak Observatory in the distance. The trail steepens in the vicinity of Kent Springs, but few people would call this a very strenuous walk or ride. It takes only a couple of hours to complete a full circuit, but don't be surprised if you spend all day.

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2008-02-20 HAZ_Hikebot
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Kent Spring Trail #157
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
i wanted to do the mccleary/88mac loop using four springs and coming down burnt saddle but the weather forced a change of hand.

pipeline is a jungle

going up four springs reminded me this is probably the best trail in the santa ritas. i saw a twin spotted rattler on the way up

the route out to mccleary is really overgrown and the roughest i have seen it. i did surprisingly see a couple guys up there tho!! not long after i arrived the drizzle started and i knew it was time to bolt. it immediately started coming down harder and confirmed that the rocky and at times slippery ridge out to mccleary is not where you want to be in the rain :o :scared:

once back on trail i really wanted to continue my loop and actually started it but the rain picked up significantly and then a thunder crack and i was immediately heading back down.

still a great day but could have been super great.
Kent Spring Trail #157
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Four Springs loop Madera Canyon
From the amphitheater: up BS#156 and over to Kent Spring, continuing up to the crest on Four Springs trail, south on CT#144, down OB#372, down Nature trail to start. Generally good trail conditions on Four Springs except the east-west section near Armour Spring, where the track is faint and overgrown, with some pink ribbons to mark the route. Went back up KS#157 to close the Bog/Kent loop.
Kent Spring Trail #157
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Great day of peak bagging in the Ritas with Count Tacula. We hit McCleary, 88Mac and i went to the summit just south of Pine Saddle and JJ hit that one and the next one south as well. I was going to and realized how low on water i was...whoops. Ran out with 2-3 miles to go :?

hammered some tacos at BK on the way home. awesome time up in the points on the Santa Rita ridge :y:
Kent Spring Trail #157
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
After hiking Wrightson I wanted to do another short hike before making the drive back to Phoenix. I started around 3:30pm and followed the old road up. I left the road and made a clockwise loop going to Bog Spring first. The trail is a typical single track through the forest. It also features a steady elevation gain. I found myself taking numerous short breaks. My legs were really tired after the hike earlier in the day. I persevered and continued up and things finally level off near Kent Spring. I was surprised to find plenty of water in this area. The trail meets back up to the old road and the two parallel a drainage that had flowing water. This was a very enjoyable hike. It’s a nice area and I love the sound of running water. I continued down and was back to the trailhead around 5:15pm. From there I made the drive back to Phoenix. It was a nice day down south.
Kent Spring Trail #157
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
We had a Time Limit on Saturday as I had to be in Tucson later in the Afternoon, so we chose this Hike...Nice Elevation and with our Photography lust, probably the right Mileage too.... :sweat: As it turned out, it was a perfect choice... :)

Started up a Road, climbing in elevation right away, and soon hit the Intersection...Randy and I had agreed to do it clockwise and come downhill on Kent...I left Randy behind a little while he stopped, and we met up close to Bog Spring...Nice Uphill, I've been needing that...Went down to the Spring and took a Break, hoping some of the Birds I was hearing would come in, but they stayed up in the Canopy for the most part... :(

After the Break we continued on up and up and finally started the descent to Kent Spring...This was a nice little Riparian area as well...Lots of Sycamores... :D Took a break here as well and had a Snack and some Gatorade. We then continued on down and down and down on the Road...Almost back to the Campground and we took a side Tour so Randy could show me a Cabin that the Forest Service rents out...Pretty Cool...And then, we were back at the Campground with time to spare...

This was a good little Hike with some Elevation to stretch the Lungs and Legs, through some really pretty Country with great views along the Top of the Loop...The Trails were in immaculate shape...A Runner could easily do this Loop...I could definitely see doing this one again with a few side Trips when there's more time... :D

Thanks for the Company Randy!!!
Kent Spring Trail #157
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
great hike with michelle's uncle dennis.

pipeline - kent springs - four springs - crest - wrightson summit - down old baldy

huge HUGE amount of flowers. running water and a small waterfall on the crest trail. twin spotted rattlesnake and mountain kingsnake sightings...yay for the santa ritas :y:
Kent Spring Trail #157
rating optionrating optionrating optionrated 2rated 2
Mount Ian Loop
i do believe i have such a love-hate relationship with the old baldy trail. i just wish it didn't hate me so much when i love it so... :lone: :kf: the last time i was up the old baldy trail (when i summitted wrightson with randy about a month ago), i counted the switchbacks from josephine saddle to old baldy saddle: 42 (or 43, depending on which way you count it). this made me feel a little better when i reached 37, but the cramps in my legs did not. it was nice and cool on saturday morning, making me drink less water than i should have, precipitating these cramps. i was so happy to finally be up at the saddle, since most of the work was done at that point - and then the clif gel shot of double espresso that bobby gave me perked me right up :GB: for the rest of the hike.

after a break at baldy saddle, we headed up the crest trail for about a half mile, then bushwhacked up to the ridge. oh my, what a view! but we weren't there yet. we had another half-mile of really fun ridgeline to follow before we found our mark. i was dubious it was even mount ian, but the gps didn't lie. i recognized the last names in the summit log: joel and belinda norby back in april. the summit register jar has shattered, and the mice have started in on the plastic bags - so that thing needs to be replaced (and might i suggest something other than glass? :M2C: )

after my peak beer, we headed back down to the crest trail to the most malapropos named "pine" saddle. it was a nice meadow (no pines), and we cut off the trail here to go down to the four springs trail (and where we hit that trail, incidentally, was covered in pines). i was very pleased that we were going down this trail, as it was STEEP. then we finally hit the kent springs trail (an old jeep road, ugh), before finally taking the pipeline trail to the super trail back to the cars.

many thanks to randy for putting a bug in my ear about this peak, as it is definitely worthy. there are beautiful views, and a great hike. and of course, bobby (southpawaz), i couldn't have done it without you; you have the patience of job. what a great day! :DANCE:
Kent Spring Trail #157
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
I was lucky enough to get an invite to take up floor space at Santa Rita Lodge while Ambika was on her photo workshop. This sounded like an opportunity I shouldn't pass up and in light of my injury from the weekend before, I thot hanging out here would be the perfect cure. I had planned to meet up with Randy, he would camp, and we would hike but circumstances changed :( so I was on my own with the hiking (hopefully next time Randy). I hadn't done any Rx. In the future, I will do some Rx in case this type of thing happens again. Ambika recommended this loop so that's what I settled on.

I walked down to the TH and started hiking around 7AM. Fortunately there was a trail map at the sign/self pay area for Madera Canyon Picnic area. And so off I went. Soon I realized this trail was going to be UP. I mean obviously it was going to be UP but little did I know. I did end up having to put my shirt on over my tee though as the temp and slight breeze put a chill in the air.

My first stop was to photograph a couple little cascades into a pool of water that had a pretty nice reflection. And then it was onward and upward on some sort of old road. There were a couple intersections along the way and I felt certain I was following the trail I wanted to be on for Bog Springs. I came upon a sign that said Bog Spring 1.7 miles so I continued on the way I thot the arrows were pointing.

At one point I could hear a bit of a waterfall but I couldn't see it so I recorded the roaring sound (it's in the movie). About an hour into the hike I see this HUGE bird land on a branch of a tall tree. It is a brilliant red-chested bird surrounded in black feathers. And the sound, wow, what a sound; so unusual. I was able to get a few photos and I did a movie to record the sound. I would later be at the bird watching area at the Lodge and found out I had captured the ellusive Elegant Trogon. Oh the birders were jealous. When I explained and pointed to where I had seen the bird, they realized it was not the hike for them.

I finally come to a spring but it's not Bog :o , it's Sylvester. WHAT! Oh well, I'll worry about my direction after I check out this pretty cool box as it has a nice reflection in the water framed by the outline of the box. When I pull out my map I discover I must have somehow veered right instead of left :doh: . Oh well, gotta keep going at this point as I've already come up all this elevation. So off I go in pursuit of Kent Spring.

1/2 hour later I reach Kent Spring and am rather grateful as I've spent most of the hike so far climbing and climbing and climbing :sweat: . I'm so glad that I encountered water along the way to break up the trip and that the temp was near perfect.

At the Spring I encountered the 3 hikers I had seen at the parking lot and asked if I was indeed heading for Bog Spring. They said yes and did mention I needed to watch the trail at the bottom or I would end up at the Bog Spring Campground rather than the parking lot.... famous last words. They also felt the trail wasn't well marked.

Now I go from the wide road to a very narrow trail running alongside the mountain. You walk in a level (though the trail is slanted left) direction for quite some time. Eventually you start switchbacking your way down. I do think this would be the easier way up. I soon found myself back in the canyon where the birds were talking up a storm. Once again I would have to stop and film so that I could share the racket with you. I also heard hikers (it was amazing how loud they were) from way above and encountered them just after this area (no, I did not record them :lol: ).

I would get to the Bog Springs junction and head over to the Box. You could really call this the "Three Springs Tour". I saw some birders off in the distance. I went back to the junction and continued on down the trail. When I got to the old jeep road, I consulted Scout (GPS) to see if I was on the right trail. It appeared I was but soon I would find myself at, yep, you guessed it, the Bog Spring Campground. SHOOT! ](*,) !!!

So now I could go back and figure out where the trail went but I thot, "What the heck, let's see where the road ends up." I also thot, "It's not a bad thing for me to hike on a road considering I did an eye/forehead plant last week." I like to joke that when Kelly and John said, "Let's hit the trail" I took them literally :sl: . I had to try and remember to put on my sunglasses when I encountered folks so they wouldn't get that "OMG, what the pumpkin happened to her face?!". The road went along a little further than I anticipated but I finally got back to the Madera Picnic area where the TH starts. I saw the other 3 folks I had seen at the beginning and at Kent Spring.

I decided to walk across the road and take the Nature Trail back up to the Lodge. I actually ended up walking past the Lodge before I found a trail that heads back up to the road and down to the Lodge. I then hear a couple turkeys gobbling so I go back across the road and up the hill to where I can see the turkey. I took a couple pics and a movie before heading back to the Lodge.

I planted myself on one of the bird watching benches for a little while. I was telling the folks sitting next to me about my bird encounter. They said I had probably seen a Trogon. I played the sound and they said, "yep, that's it". They were thrilled as they told me birders find a trogon sighting a big "get" : app : . I spent a lot of time with birders this weekend and I have to tell you, they are the nicest bunch and are so willing to share information. I particularly like the story of the "cow birds".

After lunch, I went back out to take photos of all the birds. I talked again with many of the birders as I enjoyed watching the hummers, the Jays, the acorn Woodpeckers, the orioles, the sparrows and many others. My camera finger got a good workout. My last great catch of the day was a flame Tanager.

Video of hike:

PS. If anyone would be interested, I'll have birding video including the crazy turkeys at the end of my Madera Canyon Nature Trail Trip Report.

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There are four specific day use areas that require a Coronado Recreational Pass or a National Pass/America the Beautiful Pass.
1) Sabino Canyon - located on the Santa Catalina Ranger District (520)749-8700
2) Madera Canyon - located on the Nogales Ranger District (520)281-2296
3) Cave Creek - located on the Douglas Ranger District (520)364-3468
4) Mt. Lemmon at 11 day use sites.

Catalina State Park $6 per day. Sabino Canyon Tram is $10 extra.

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To Madera Canyon Trailhead
From Tucson: I-19 south to exit 63 Continental. At the end of the exit take a left and follow brown signs to Madera Canyon. You'll be taking White House Canyon Road 13.2 miles to Madera Canyon.

From PHX (I-10 & AZ-51) 152 mi - about 2 hours 31 mins
From TUC (Jct 1-10 & Grant) 42.3 mi - about 55 mins
From FLG (Jct I-17 & I-40) 295 mi - about 4 hours 37 mins
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