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Max Delta, AZ

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Distance One Way 2.4 miles
Trailhead Elevation 1,634 feet
Elevation Gain 289 feet
Accumulated Gain 395 feet
Avg Time One Way 1 hour
Kokopelli Seeds 3.72
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7  2019-01-29
Max Delta - T-Bone - Alta - Bajada Loop
14  2016-03-12
Somo Bajada Loop
6  2016-02-21
Warrior Trail
18  2015-05-18
Mad Max Road Warrior Loop
15  2014-11-08
Ma Ha Tauk-Max Delta- T Bone Loop
30  2014-01-25
SoMo Park Circle Route - 1934 Master Plan
10  2014-01-08
Maricopa Peak
15  2014-01-05
SoMo Park Circle Route - 1934 Master Plan
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    Max Delta
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    Mad Max Road Warrior Loop
    After being in exile for 3 years, I made a return to the dystopian Mad Max Road Warrior Loop. I arrived at 0-4-55 just as the uniformed ecologist was preparing the waystation portal for this day's band of fearless explorers. I was shortly thereafter joined by the beautiful and deadly Gallydoll who was armed and ready for any beasts or harsh environmental adversities we may encounter on the Warrior ascent. Time has not been kind to this desolate landscape as we found it void of any living organism. After cresting the Ma-Ha-Tauk ridgeline we started our descent on the Alta trajectory and passed four wise wanderers from the West. They were able to provide a detailed account of the terrors that may lie before us. Maintaining a steady pace we successfully navigated the Ma-Ha-Tauk line back to the portal and escaped none the worse, neither richer nor poorer, to live another day.
    Max Delta
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    Only had time for a quick one today, I had to make it home to go to the science fair at my daughter's school. I thought I would revisit this hike, good combo of elevation gain and solitude to meet my needs. Pulled in to the 19th avenue parking lot about 3:30 and was the only vehicle there. Made good time around and did the CCW loop. I saw a grand total of three other people while out there, just about perfect. Finished up a fantastic weather hike right before the wind kicked up, and then had a solid 45 minutes trying to chug up the I-17 to the school. Good times!

    Most things are done blooming out here right now, but the Ironwoods are giving a great show still.
    Max Delta
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    Mike, the wives and I decided that the day was just too nice to avoid taking a hike. We made plans to meet at the Central Ave entrance to South Mountain. We parked at the NE end of the Max Delta hiked the length then went up to the mine to explore a bit and take in the views. From there The Bajada to the Los Lomitas and the Box Canyon Loop. With a not so quick stop at the Environmental Education Center. Spoke with a very knowledgable and personable young lady about trails and history of the South Mountain there. Then returned to the cars. A beautiful day with great people doing what we enjoy, what more could you ask for.
    Max Delta
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    Somo Bajada Loop
    Started out hiking Telegraph Pass. At the top of the pass crossed the road and headed down the north side of South Mountain on the Kiwanis Trail which follows a canyon wash. At the bottom of Kiwanis I headed west on Los Lomitas Trail and then Max Delta Trail. I took a side trip off the trail to the old Max Delta Mine ruins and spent maybe an hour exploring there. Then back to the trail and continued west to where it met up with the Bajada Trail. Followed Bajada to where it runs into National, then took National all the way back to Telegraph Pass.

    Lots of different kinds of plants and cacti in bloom.
    Max Delta
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    I needed a hike. HAZ site was saying I had hiked 57% of the trails in SM. So I figured it was time to try out some of the missing trails. Mike was also up for a hike, so we met at the 19th Ave TH at 6:30am. Headed out the Ma Ha Tuak trail, then onto the Derby Loop, on to the Los Lomitas, even threw in the Judith Tunell, over to the Max Delta and finally the T-Bone back to the TH. The 7 miles was interesting, but I needed some elevation which is missing from most of these trails.

    So seeing as the Warrior was right there... Mike said he had somethings to do, so he took off. Man that Warrior is a butt kicker, especially after 7 miles of other trails. It took almost exactly 2 hours to hike the 7 miles. The Warrior took me 10 minutes less than 2 hours just to do the 1.5 miles to the Alta and back. But it's done.

    No other people on the trails, at least seen by us. We saw several cotton tails, quail and a few Jacks. But my high point is after several hundred miles of hiking in SM I saw a fox today. Looked up just to see him running beside the trail and a leap over the edge. This guy had very red fur, including a full furry red tail. Really surprised me.

    Almost no wildflowers.
    Max Delta
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    Got in a nice Sunday morning hike with our little horse (or German Mastiff mix) down at South Mountain. Started off with the solid chug up the Warrior trail to Star Peak, good stuff. I had plans of hitting Maricopa as well, but my dog was pretty tired out by the top, so I thought an easier loop was in order. I connected back up with the Alta trail, and took the switchbacks down to the valley and the Bajada trail. I found a nice stand of Bursera microphylla, our native Elephant tree. There were a few really large individuals, cool to see so many in one spot. We then followed this around to Max Delta, and then on to Ma Ha Tauk for the return trip. Did not see that many people out despite it being a weekend, and the weather was fantastic. Good loop, well worth doing again.
    Max Delta
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    Mad Max Road Warrior Loop
    :o In a post apocalyptic world known as South Mountain Park where flesh eating gnats the size of horse flies and ravenous mutant millipedes rule the land, I dared venture alone into the abyss navigating the Mad Max Road Warrior loop. Starting at 19th Ave trailhead I followed the Warrior trail to the top and followed the ridgeline over to the Alta trail. Alta trail down to the delta junction and caught the Max Delta trail over to Ma Ha Tauk trail to return to the 19th Ave trailhead. Saw 7 millipedes, some attack helicopters, and planes constantly flying overhead to monitor my progress. Gnats were the worst on the ridgeline between Warrior and Alta.

    Some of the barrel cactus were in bloom. Looks like the Saguaro should be blooming soon.
    Max Delta
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    Easy one today with my girlfriend. Surprisingly the parking lot was almost full. Did a loop with Ma Ha Tuak, Max Delta, Bajada, Ranger, then walked the road for a few minutes to the T-Bone and back to the TH. My first time on Max Delta, T-Bone, and the western section of Bajada. Weather was just perfect out there today. Really windy. A lot of people at the ramadas enjoying the weather.
    Max Delta
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    Ma Ha Tauk-Max Delta- T Bone Loop
    Well It was a very nice morning to take Rowdy for a hike. I still am trying to keep things short as we work into longer hikes. I did this as a loop as I never done these trails before except the Max Delta. the other two trail seem so short so I did them as a loop.
    Joe help me out to combine these trails into on map. But as I started I soon found I did not need Joes help on this. As I added the second trail the whole thing came together as Kelly had done this loop before and there it was. Thanks Kelly and Joe. I did save Joes video for future reference as I will be combining other trails together.
    Now as the hike went it was very nice out and really some nice views all around. But as the hike came to a end I knew it was time for some brew and food. So I found this place called Uncle Bears. When we got there I was pleasantly surprise on how many people were there with their dogs. Then I remember dogs eat for free on Saturdays, got that Lee?
    Max Delta
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    Just starting to get over a pretty bad ear and sinus infection, and wanted to do an easy hike close to home with some mild AEG for some fresh air and to stretch my legs. This hike seemed to fit the bill. Only 1 other car in the parking lot, and only 3 or 4 people on the trails. Nice and breezy out today, keeping the temps pretty cool.

    Did a short loop starting from Ma Ha Tuak to the Max Delta Trail, then the Crosscut Trail back to Ma Ha Tuak. Most of the elevation was in the beginning, a little more coming back on Crosscut. I'd never been to this end of South Mountain before. Pretty uneventful but this is just what I needed today.

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