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Barry Goldwater Peak, AZ

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Distance One Way 1.4 miles
Trailhead Elevation 3,132 feet
Elevation Gain 958 feet
Accumulated Gain 999 feet
Kokopelli Seeds 4.73
Interest Off Trail Hiking & Peak
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15  2019-02-24
Barry Goldwater Peak-Ford Cyn-Willow Spring
7  2016-03-30
Mesquite-Ford Canyon Loop w Goldwater Peak
5  2016-03-30
Mesquite-Ford Canyon Loop w Goldwater Peak
17  2015-12-13
Radio Barry Sunday
15  2015-12-12
Ford Mesquite Loop with Barry
32  2015-12-12
Ford Mesquite Loop with Barry
7  2013-12-21 desert_boonie
8  2013-09-29
Barry Goldwater Peak via Mesquite Canyon
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Barry Goldwater Peak
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
This was a pleasant little hike with the pups today. I had been meaning to do the peak since the White Tanks popped up on my radar in the spring and today proved a good day to do it.

We got an early start and the temps were cool most of the day and the trails were fast and nice for the most part. It wasn’t the best day for views and the White Tanks are a little drab right now, but I still enjoyed the relatively close to home alternative. A good way to pad some stats and a add a peak late in the year (those things are important to Blanco). Overall it was a nice day and a decent hike, you could say it was a Barry Merry Christmas..🎄🎁
Barry Goldwater Peak
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Ford Mesquite Loop with Barry
My first trip to the White Tank Mountains Regional Park. I've heard many good things about it but haven't made it out that way until now. This was a very enjoyable loop. Excellent trails, beautiful scenery and a chance to soar with an eagle. Well, Bruce soars, I just try to keep up!

I got a ping from Bruce earlier in the week. We hadn't hiked together in a few moons, so I jumped at the chance. Bruce needed to be home early for a holiday party so I suggested this loop in the White Tanks, thinking that might get us done soon enough. Bruce suggested adding Barry Goldwater peak, an extra 5 miles and 1200 feet. Barry Goldwater is my oldest memory of presidential elections. At 7 years old, I was already into politics, urging my mother to vote for Barry. She voted for Johnson. We still have those same conversations (arguments?) today, but I digress.

I agreed to the side trip to BG because I needed the workout. Bruce kicked my :pk: up the hill (he called it "life coaching") whereupon we took a delightful break under a warm sun. The previous few miles had been uphill against a bone chilling wind that was doing its best to beat us back down. The break at the top under sunny skies with a wind break at our backs was simply wonderful.

We made good time on the way back. The excellent trails in this park allowed us to let gravity pull us down the mountain. Neither of us had spare batteries so we were also racing to get back before the Garmins died. I think we made it just in time. It was a cold and windy day in the White Tanks, for much of the route, anyway, but it was still a fun hike with great company. Good to see you again, Bruce!
Barry Goldwater Peak
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Ford Mesquite Loop with Barry
Took a white Tanks Newbie out for a sampling of the area.

Brisk Morning turned to cold late morning when we lost the sun and the wind picked up. Ford Canyon is still my favorite up there. I also enjoy the Willow Spring area, especially above the spring.

We headed out Goat Camp and then the cairned short cut up to Barry Goldwater Peak. We had some lunch up top. It looks like they're getting ready for some kind of construction up there. A large pallet filled with Concrete sits up top.

A Video tour of Barry Goldwater Peak = :next: ... zlX8

Not as many out as I expected to see. Great Hiking w/ Ray again.
Barry Goldwater Peak
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
I've been thinking about some hikes on the west side and decided to head over there today. I found a track from Gecko and thought it looked fun. Kyle was down so we made plans and headed out. The drive out from the east side took about an hour. It will be quicker after they complete the 303. We paid the entrance fee and were hiking soon after.

We headed up the Mequite Trail and made our way to Barry Goldwater Peak. From there we connected on the road to the Radio Summit. A sheriff helicopter flew over a couple of times. I was curious if they would come after us but I don't think they saw us. Anyways we hit the Radio Summit and headed down to the Goat Camp Trail. After that it we took Ford Canyon to the Willow Canyon Trail. I know this is a lot of trails! We continued on and reconnected onto Mequite and were back to the jeep soon after.

The White Tanks are a good drive for me. I'm glad we got a variety of trails. I doubt I ever hike over there again unless I'm in the area for something else. The trails are in good condition and the route to Barry G and down from the Radio Summit were both in good shape as well.
Barry Goldwater Peak
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
Finally made it up this peak for the first time as it is probably the only one around town I have not been to. I came in from the north off of Sun Valley Parkway so I would be the only one around, well except for the desert floor shooters anyway. Was able to find a little mud for the Jeep to have fun in and took the road south as long as I could before it ended and let me go on my way. The morning air was cool and full of fog which made the start pretty nice as the sun did not want to come out from behind the clouds until later. Took the old Jeep track most of the way until the final push gave me a nice ridge to traverse up. Saw many deer tracks but was not able to see one myself. Once on top of the peak the lower east end of the mountain were still covered by clouds and then the sun came out to let them creep on up and break them apart. The windy summit made me bundle up but not drink my brew too fast, it was very pleasant up top. The views to the west were as clear as could be and I just really love looking at this part of the state. On the way back down I decided to hit up peak 3780' which is a short ridge traverse again off the Jeep track. Such a nice new perspective of the White Tank range from up here, coming in from the north is something i'll probably do again for future treks in this range.
Barry Goldwater Peak
rating optionrated 4rated 4rated 4rated 4
Bajada - Goat Camp - wash/service road - Barry - Mesquite - first half of Waterfall Trail - south half of Black Rock - Mule Deer - Bajada

Headed up the wash just before mile 5 on GC for the first time - I think I'll stick to the Jeep trail on the ridge.
Last entry in the summit log(s) was from 10/28.
Saw a group of deer along the Jeep trail. They headed into Slick Rock Canyon. The myriad of game trails on satellite imagery suggest they like to hang out around there. It's on the list/was considered today, but... :-k
Good weather, hardly anyone on the trails (except Waterfall, of course), good day. Might even skip the ibuprofen tonight.
Longest hike of the year so far.
Barry Goldwater Peak
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
twofold mission today:
a couple of peaks and a longer hike in preparation for the pinal 4X
thought about doing patrick's route but thought it might be a little too long for me right now
my favorite loop is mesquite willow, so i went up to barry goldwater peak via mesquite, then took the service road over to the radio summit
descended a ridge down to goat camp, took goat camp to the intersection with ford canyon, then ford canyon to willow springs trail
about three quarters of a mile off trail on each peak, with well worn and in the case of goldwater, well cairned use trails
around 2.3 miles on the road
spent a few minutes on each summit, finding the registers but no benchmarks
the road part was longer than i thought with twists, turns, ups and downs
underestimated this loop by a couple of miles
think i would do some variation on patrick's loop next time, cutting across on the road
had fun making the route work without too much repetition
nice day, quite a few people out
had a good time with mission accomplished
Barry Goldwater Peak
rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5rated 5
Got a late start on my hike in the White Tanks. Skies were clear over them, except for a little tuft of cloud hiding Barry Goldwater Peak. When I got to the park, they had TWO LANES of traffic going into the park! (Usually, they have one side coned off depending on whether an attendant is on duty). Not today! Two lanes going in! I followed the line of cars in to the Wildlife parking area(?), from where the Ford Canyon Trail starts.

Didn't go in with much of a plan, except that I wanted to do Ford Canyon. Done it once before and really enjoyed it. Today did not disappoint. The views back in that area are really fantastic, especially as you climb up the canyon. As I was heading up I decided on throwing in Barry Goldwater Peak to see if I couldn't catch the cloud. Unfortunately, by the time I hit the end of Ford Canyon and started on the Goat Camp the cloud had pretty much moved on. :( The weather was so great, I decided to doit anyway. When I got to the top I discovered patches of snow in the shaded areas! In the lower areas I saw what looked like frozen sleet, but at the top, it looked like snow :) . On the way out I took the Mesquite back to the TH. As should have been no surprised, based on the number of cars entering the park, the trails were busy. I encountered 11 trail runners in various groupings, 2 lone bikers, and close to 30 hikers in groupings from 1 to 6. And most of these encounters were deep in the park, on the west side of the Willow juncture. Oddly enough, I didn't see any wildlife.
Barry Goldwater Peak
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
White Tank's Loop
Started on a dark, cool, clear morning in the Valley. The guy at the park entrance said I was his first customer on the day.

It'd been awhile since I'd been out to the White Tanks, and it sure felt good to not have to drive at least a couple of hours to get out of the heat to hike.

Ford Canyon is one of my favorites in the park, so I started my big loop there. I enjoy both Willow and Mesquite, so I did some off trail to the top of Willow Spring and then included the upper portions of Willow then Mesquite. Now on Goat Camp on my way to Barry Goldwater Peak, I kept my eyes open for any signs. None. I followed a wash to the road that goes to Barry Goldwater peak. I sat and enjoyed the views while I ate my lunch. I actually got a bit cold up there.

My least favorite part of this hike was the steep, rough, uneven downhill portion of Goat Camp Trail. I'd forgotten how bad that portion of the track is.

My goals were simple for the day:
1) Get to a spot where I could see Willow Spring from above - Check
2) Get to the top of Barry Goldwater Peak - Check
3) Hike the part Of the Goat Camp Trail that I hadn't done before - Check
4) Put together a loop in for some good exercise - Check
5) See a Goat on Goat Camp Trail - Nope....
Barry Goldwater Peak
rating optionrating optionrated 3rated 3rated 3
took the time to drive out to the white tanks after work this morning
mesquite willow loop is one of my favorite hikes, and what better enhancement of that hike than to go up to barry goldwater peak
got going around 7:30
up mesquite, then goat camp for about a mile
easily found the jeep trail, thanks to patrick's description and comments, reinforced by johnr1
there are two cairns at the turnoff and the trail is faint but obvious, even to me, with plenty of cairns along the way
hit the service road and made it to the top to sign the register and look around a bit
it was windy and i got too cold to stay long, but really enjoyed the views
headed back down, taking willow springs instead of mesquite
gorgeous day for a hike
very few people until i started back down willow and then mesquite, where i saw four mountain bikers, two people on horseback, and three guys on unicycles
plenty out hiking by then, too
on the way up mesquite, there were two different groups of bow hunters in full camo
didn't realize deer hunting was allowed in the park
was also wondering if anyone has gone up or down mesquite canyon, rather than the trail
it looks doable
for much of mesquite willow loop, you don't have to watch your footing and can just look around at the variety of desert terrain
nice to do a hike like that occasionally

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