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Maverick Camp via 192B, AZ

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Distance Round Trip 6 miles
Trailhead Elevation 3,250 feet
Elevation Gain -650 feet
Accumulated Gain 1,090 feet
Avg Time Round Trip 3 hours
Kokopelli Seeds 11.45
Backpack Possible - Not Popular
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by joebartels

Hike up FS 192 B about 500 feet in elevation over the northern tail end of Hewitt Ridge. Drop down into Millsite Canyon about 700 feet in elevation to Maverick Camp. Return by same route for data given on this page. Alternative return routes might include Hewitt Ridge or the opposing ridge back to start for an off trail exploration.

No signs depict a trailhead or the start of this hike. Just jump on Forest Road 192 B and follow up over the northern subtle end of Hewitt Ridge. It's slightly steep in sections. Be careful not to slide backwards on the loose pea sized gravel. If you can get over the fact you're hiking a road you might enjoy the outstanding views of the rolling mountains.

It's about 1.1 miles to the old jeep route into Millsite Canyon. A flimsy fiberglass marker states no motorized travel beyond this point. However, Dr Jones could eye analyze the fresh tracks and quickly conclude many break this simple rule.

The route is wide for a trail but narrow and twisted for a road. Soon you'll pass a not so old Chevy lodged in the declining creek. Although low key, the canyon is anything but boring. A late morning start will still put you in pockets of shade. Traveling down, positive thoughts churn out a bit easier. It's nothing to loose sleep over but this classifies as a very nice hike. Running water in the creek would be the element for greatness. A golden autumn ending may get your bid in regardless.

This hike has similarities to White Canyon & Quail Spring to Eagle Spring in what I call "Crisp Clean Desert Flora & Fauna". The colors are so true it's just delightful. Breezes come to life whistling through the bushes. Birds chirping among the mesquite scrub and Arizona Bluebirds darting about create a sensational atmosphere.

For the purposes of the data represented on this page turn around in the area of Maverick Camp. It's likely you'll want to explore some on your own. Hunt down some rock art in the drainages or maybe take a side trip up to one of the Superstition Arches.

Check out the Official Route and Triplogs.

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2003-12-01 joebartels
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WARNING! Hiking and outdoor related sports can be dangerous. Be responsible and prepare for the trip. Study the area you are entering and plan accordingly. Dress for the current and unexpected weather changes. Take plenty of water. Never go alone. Make an itinerary with your plan(s), route(s), destination(s) and expected return time. Give your itinerary to trusted family and/or friends.

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Maverick Camp via 192B
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Third time's the charm: 1st time- Christmas week'09 I was camping under Byous Butte. Nonot and I had planned for Christmas Day, a variation of my loop hike "Byous Butte Loop w/Hewitt Ridge Cyn Hike" with a side trip along the way to summit Hackberry Butte if time permitted, but time did not permit. 2nd time- On 4/15/10 I was again camping under Byous Butte this week. Johnr1 and I had a plan#1 for a remote off trail day hike back in from Byous Butte Saddle#1 to try and gain the summit of Hewitt Ridge. We had a plan#2 to summit Hackberry Butte. After further assessing the risks for me to proceed with a summit of Hewitt Ridge based on my previous planned approach.. , I chickened-out and we proceeded with plan#2. By the time we reached what I thought was Hackberry Butte and its ridge line approach, it was just too daunting a ridge hike for that late in the day.. (only after discussing my interest in another summit attempt with ssk44 did I realize that this previous ridge line and summit was really not Hackberry Butte at all, but rather a ridge and summit a distance south.. :oops: ). 3rd time- I turned the trip planning over to ssk44 and he easily found the best off trail hike approach for my allusive Hackberry Butte Summit 4230 and I was off again to give it a go and this time successfully :D

This moderate two mile one way hike with a relatively easy to navigate off trail segment was a real winner and worth the wait. I enjoyed it enough to issue a new HAZ hike description with posted GPS Hiking and Driving Tracks, and my pic set to further document with captions the fun, scenic, and historic interest of it all. I do hope that others with consider giving it a try.
Maverick Camp via 192B
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Three of us spent 12/30/08 to 1/4/09 (5nts/6days) hiking the area & camping under my favorite local Superstition desert spot- Byous Butte during this New Years Week. Due to my always too elaborate campsite setup- "Hank's Hilton", I ended up needing to spend an extra night here alone, Sun-1/4 and most of the next day due to rain. It was a good learning experience with all my camping gear and the area was still just as beautiful with the rain and fog over Byous Butte!

During our 6 days together the weather was fantastic every day with highs in the upper 60's to mid 70's and lows never below 42F. We did four nice hikes (one serious exploratory with a wonderful pay-off on Jan 1st), had a campfire every night, and had some fairly elaborate meals planned to look forward to each evening.

My friends Tom and Gary had never hiked in Millsite Canyon which runs north and south for approx 8mls one way behind Byous Butte and Hewitt Ridge and paralleling FR172 on its way to the Woodbury TH. I had planned this hike as our first one on this last day of 2008-New Years Eve.

Now that I finally have a digital camera and can now post my hike pics on HAZ, I am finding that my posted pic set with some detail captions on the pics can pretty much tell the story of my hikes, so just check-out this pic set for a running description of this very scenic and enjoyable hike..and..don't let my pic comment- regarding this hike being a popular weekend ATV route deter you from enjoying it. It is truly one of the better kept less visited day hikes close to the Woodbury TH area.. the truly great remote-rugged canyon scenery, thick & healthy desert vegetation, old Mavarick Camp history, numerous prennial springs, and flowing creeks and washes this time of year makes this hike a "solid four spot" on our scale of 1 to 5 rated. Also, this old two track road which is officially Millsite TR#237 can be altered on your hike back(as we did) to hike in the wash/creek which parallels this trail and crosses it numerous times. Hiking in the wash/creek adds a different flavor to your overall experience of this area.. try it, you will like it too! :DANCE:
Maverick Camp via 192B
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Back in late March'07 I hiked the south section of this Millsite Canyon TR#237 for 4.25mls in from its TH start at Quail Springs(no signage) to Maverick Springs. While camping under Byous Butte this 10/31-11/3/07 trip, I wanted to complete this trail hike by starting at the northern TH start at its intersection with FR172(trail start which is actually 1.2mls in on FR192B from the intersection of FR172/192B).

Let me start by re-emphasizing Irv Kanode's 10/27 trip log comments regarding the 1.2ml drive in/out on serious 4x4 road FR192B IF you so chose to do so: For safety reasons, in my opinion, unless you are an experienced 4x4 driver with a very capable, non-stock vehicle(33" tires or larger,lower gears,differential locker(s)..& "not" all wheel drive), and also have a short wheel base vehicle, then don't try driving it. Instead, as per Joe's hike description recommends, park at the intersection of FR172/192B and just enjoy the scenic hike in on FR192B for 1.2mls to this old mining road/trail#237 canyon start(veer left).

Pixley and I hiked past the 1.2ml intersection on FR192B with Tr#237 and continued further up FR192B for another .8mls to its road end at around 3900'elev. on a nice saddle area where a large old wooden ore mining chute was still partially in-tact. We explored this immediate mining area for about 30 minutes on foot looking for more old mines, but we did not find any. There appears to be a lot of possibilities for more mining history and cool finds in this area*, but it was approaching 11am and we had not even started our planned hike yet.

We started in on our planned Trail#237 hike at 11:30am. On this HOT day we took advantage of the small pockets of shade and scenic-rugged rock formation views along the way to the old Maverick Camp where we had a relaxing lunch just off the trail among the shade of some large sycamore trees. On our much hotter afternoon hike back we viewed from a distance one very nice "Superstition Arch" back in on the southwest side between Maverick Camp and Maverick Springs. We saw no water seeps or pooling along this whole route, but did see recent 4WD activity on this designated hiking TRAIL :(

Also, just to update since this hike description was originally issued in Dec'03, at TR#237 start:
The "flimsy fiberglass marker states no motorized travel beyond this point" no longer exists as of this trip log writing, and also no longer exists that "a not so old Chevy lodged in the declining creek".

Update at 11/12/07: * =Reference HAZ Hike Description "Whetrock Canyon Loop" for details of this mining history that abounds in this area- on the old mining road PAST the "large old wooden ore mining chute".
Maverick Camp via 192B
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This is a very scenic hike even though you are hiking a road the entire trip. They could have filmed Lord of the Rings here. It's rugged volcanic scenery.

The mileage reflects that we drove to the northern end of the Millsite trail on FR 192B (which is currently unsigned). This road is in very poor condition due to washouts. Many of the washouts are about 2 feet deep. I have 33" tires and a 6" lift and grated on my skidplate a couple of times. It's harder finding the right line when driving down than up.

We hiked south to the arches, then south some more and west over to the Great Wall of the Superstitions. We didn't go the whole way to Eagle Spring. It was in the low 90's and the reward didn't seem worth the effort.

We intended to hike up to the southern arch but the hill is a lot steeper and it's farther from the trail than it seems in Joe's photo.

As far as we could tell, the eastern arch is just a small needle with a narrow slit in it.

Quads frequently use this trail judging from all the tracks and the two that we ran into.
Maverick Camp via 192B
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Since I had been camping in this area the week of 3/26-31, and since the HAZ write-up and triplog posts to date for this hike only described this hike starting from the North end TH off FR192B, I was interested in finding out what this trail was like starting from the South end TH off FR1900 at Quail Springs. On this Thursday morning, we left camp from under Byrous Butte and arrived at wet Quail Springs (~4.5 mls up FR1900, the last 1 mile off FR1900 being a serious 4x4-high clearance drive). NOTE: Ideal "parking spot" is large enough for maybe two vehicles and is located on the right side just after passing through 2 round metal cyclone fence posts with the metal gate missing.

I first started hiking at 10:10am up a very steep & rugged canyon :sweat: next to Quail Springs that I incorrectly thought was Millsite Canyon :lol: . My hiking partner had enough sense to stay behind after this canyon started to get very serious, but I was determined to find out where it went and if it did indeed follow the map that I was using... Well, to make a long and risky story short, I wasted 2 hours and ~1 pint of blood following red tail hawks up this canyon to find out that I was not hiking on the Millsite Canyon trail :roll: ! So, back to my JEEP and at 12:noon we started up the correct Millsite Canyon Tr 237 route(which is actually the continuation of the decommissioned, serious 4x4 road route where I had parked). As you hike up this very scenic route, which basically follows the side of the creek and crosses it numerous time, all the named springs as noted on the Superstition Wilderness Forest Service Map are there and appear to be perennial! The very impressive rock formations along this trail route hiking from South to North are exceptional with many remote and rugged canyons East and West along the trail route. Due to my late hiking start at 12:noon, we only made it as far as Maverick Springs before needing to turn back, but on our way back, after passing the old Maverick Campsite, we may have located (up on the East hillside) the not so obvious site where the old, original "Maverick Silver Mine" might be located..TBD at a later date- just too bad we were under time constraints and could not go up the hill off-trail to explore what appeared to be a mine tunnel cut in the upper East hillside.

IF you have the correct 4WD vehicle, I highly recommend this hiking route from South to North (starting at the Quail Spring TH), and I should also note that this trail does appear to be a very active but ?not legal? ATV & modified 4WD route on the weekends, so from a hiking point of view, it would be much more enjoyable hiked on a weekday during our AZ cooler months.
Maverick Camp via 192B
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Today must have been "National Grade a Road Day". I started out going to Peralta. Ran into a road grader and decided to go elsewhere. Just as I turned onto FR 172 I encountered another grader at work. Passed the same one on the way home and yet a third grader too!

Witnessed what was without a doubt the largest rabbit on the face of the earth. Looked like a low rider coyote hopping across the road.

Almost perfect day weather wise, just a tab bit warm.

I think this is a great hike, others would probably rate it average.

Permit $$

Map Drive
FR / Jeep Road - Car possible when dry

To hike
Take US 60 east out of Apache Junction. A couple miles past Florence Junction turn north onto Queen Valley Road and follow 1.6 miles. Turn right onto FS 357 (Hewlett Station Road) and follow about three miles to FS 172. Turn left onto FS 172 and follow to 172B/172A junction. Follow 172B for maybe 0.2 miles (I didn't check the odometer) to FS 192B. FS192B is not marked as of this writing. It's extremely rutted. I've driven the road in stock 4x4 Tacoma but I don't recommend it. Therefore this hike starts at the junction of 172B/192B.

11/12/2007 Kanode adds: I asked the Forest Service about the 4WD high clearance roads that access the Millsite Canyon trail and was told:
- the road to the north end,FR 192b, and is closed to motor vehicles.
- the roads in from the south (FR 1900 & 1935) are closed at Quail Spring.
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