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HAZ AZT Updates - Attn Git R Dun Fanatics

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HAZ AZT Updates - Attn Git R Dun Fanatics

Postby joebartels » Jul 24 2017 5:41 pm

thx to a heads up from @wha
I've updated passage pages on HAZ for 11-12 ( split adjustment, same route ) & 23-30 which had lots of changes

the old Hardscrabble #26 is history, appeared merged with
[ Whiterock Mesa - AZT #25 ]
so data from #26 was moved to #25, just for a heads up

[ Mormon Lake - AZT #29 ]
was split and now we have [ Anderson Mesa - AZT #30 ]

naturally I linked the new #30 in my :D #29 triplog to make Git R Dun happy again

Still working on getting the new order fixed at ... D=49

link AZT #30 in your #29 triplog to get back to 100%
Hike Arizona it ROCKS!

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