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Crest Trail #270B - Jct Sdl to Monte Vista Pk
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Crest Trail #270B - Jct Sdl to Monte Vista PkTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Backpack avatar Jun 05 2010
Backpack6.30 Miles 1,100 AEG
Backpack6.30 Miles14 Days         
1,100 ft AEG
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Trail work - June 5-19, 2010

Brief Summary
Cleared for foot and horse
Long Park to Flys Saddle (42D)
Lower portion of North Flys Peak Trail (337)
Crest Trail (270) from Rustler Park to Aspen Saddle
Bootlegger from Rustler Park to jct with Rock Canyon Trail (275)
Greenhouse from Crest to Cima cabin and barn (248)
Chiricahua Peak (270A)
Bear Wallow (333)
Centella - Tub Springs (334)
Anita Park (but not to spring) (359)
Booger Spring (347)
Cleared for foot
Junction Saddle to Chiricahua Saddle (270B); Chiricahua Saddle to Paint Rock (270B) to Monte Vista lookout

Work Phases
June 5 & 6, Clearing Crest trail outside the Wilderness from Rustler Park and Long Park TH (w/ chainsaw): John, Walter, Jim, Jean, Ron, and Tom - 2.2 miles - dark blue
June 7, Bootlegger tread and brushing (only two trees since John and Greg had removed most last fall); John, Jim, Jean, Ron, Tom, Charley, Mel, Joe and Donna - 0.8 miles - light green
June 8-10, Clearing Crest trail from Flys Saddle to Cima Cabin; Jim, Jean, John, and Ron - 1.9 miles - orange-red
June 13-18 (Sierra Club Trip, one day joined with Portal Hiking Club members); John, Jim, Jean, Joe, Gary, Rachel, Anne, Zoe, Zac, Joe M, Donna, Carol, Barbara, Lorraine, Greg; Cleared Crest from Cima Park to Aspen Saddle; Anita Park; Chiricahua Peak, Booger Springs (north) Bear Wallow, Centella, Tub Springs and half-way up Flys Peak on north side - 5.1 miles - magenta

Of Note
o Biggest tree was a 30 inch (or 29 inch) ponderosa on the Bear Wallow Trail that Zac, Rachel and Zoe polished off with two cuts in less than 40 minutes (20 minutes to get off the trail)
o Toughest stretch was south on the Crest from Junction Saddle with nine of us working to open up about 500 feet of trail
o Two trips out Centella Point to view the Horseshoe fire as it worked its way along the west flank of Portal Peak
o Eb's tireless sawing
o Joe and Gary tossing logs off the trail
o Stars and more stars with the dark of the moon
o Anne's rumpedehumps
o Gary's fires
o Joe's blisters (12 miles in new boots!!)
o Rachel and Zoe's 12 pounds of books
o Butts on the ground with lots of sap to make certain the stains are permanent

Problem Areas
o Crest trail from Rustler Park to Bootlegger Saddle has tread problems below the cliffs (above the Guard Station and about 1/4 mile south of the Bootlegger Trial junction). An hour of pick-mattock should solve it in the short term but might be a candidate for some rock to stabilize the slumping. Crew of four, two hours
o Bootlegger trail from the Saddle down to the junction with Rock Canyon and Rattlesnake trails has downfall but the tread is in good shape. It is outside the Wilderness Area. Crew of four, eight hours
o Flys Peak trail - north and south - has significant deadfall, especially on the south side. Crew of four, 12 hours.
o Monte Vista trail has significant downfall, mostly green: 46 trees between Junction Saddle and Chiricahua Saddle, four will need a crosscut; 18 trees between Chiricahua Saddle and Raspberry Ridge Junction that can be handled with a big Corona or D-handle; 26 trees between the junction and the Lookout, most of these are within 1/4 mile of the junction on the north side of Raspberry Peak. The tread needs work within 3/8 mile of Junction Saddle. Crew of four, two days.
o Crest trail from Aspen to Juniper Saddle probably has significant deadfall based on what we saw elsewhere on the Crest trail. Crew of four, eight hours.
o The trail from Barfoot Lookout down to Barfoot Park has several trees across it. Crew of four, two hours.
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