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Wood Canyon - Upper Rim
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mini location map2010-12-14
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Wood Canyon - Upper RimGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 14 2010
Hiking8.25 Miles 1,900 AEG
Hiking8.25 Miles
1,900 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Began early this morning with the words of both Eric and Hank regarding this area echoing in my head. "Why hike any particular route?". So I just explored. First, I highly recommend cutting the driving distance along Hank's GPS route by a little bit. There is enough space for parking 2 vehicles at a gate/cattle guard approximately .75 miles shy of the end of Hank's drive. That extra hiking along a relatively smooth jeep trail provides views of some really interesting rock formations and boulders, the creek and canyon walls. Upon arriving at the first milepost on the posted route (thanks Hank) I noted what appeared to be a cave to the southwest and about 3/4 of the way up Peak 3425 [GPS coordinate turned out to be 33.23321N, 111.12212W) and made that the first target for today. The grade up the 450 elevation gain became more pronounced as we neared the entrance to the cave, but with only a few necessary "lift me over these cacti" calls from my Westie hiking companion, we made it without incident. The cave turned out to be about 30 feet deep and appeared to have at one time been "prospected"-- but for what I do not know. On the way up, I noted passing through a field of ocotillo, oddly out of place, and assumed that this meant the location of quartz in the immediate area. The only early inhabitants I could identify with the cave were the remnants of a honeycomb nest of "Anasazi" bees/wasps pre-dating my arrival. Having satisfied ourselves that there was nothing remarkable about the cave, we clung to the loose rocks and slippery grasses across the face of the peak and made our way toward the saddle to the west. Great views in all directions as we crossed the ridges and began a treacherous descent back toward Filaria Spring. The previously posted photos for this area give a good representation of the views, so I will post only some mediocre images of the cave experience. This entire area is certainly worthy of further exploration; but, I will wait until my foot has fully recovered.

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