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Tony's BackyardGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 22 2010
Hiking6.50 Miles 1,000 AEG
Hiking6.50 Miles
1,000 ft AEG
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Entering the canyon from the West provides a different sort of hike for most. First Kanode's GPS Drive route is spot on (thanks for great coordinates)and the drive it half the fun of the overall experience. This morning the roadway through Whitford Canyon was damp but not muddy from last evening's rainfall. Even with the overcast skies and low hanging clouds the views were terrific. The trail down and into the canyon proceeds through thick growths of manzanita and brush, but someone had recently clipped the wayward branches and for the most part the trail is unimpeded. Bright orange construction tape helps should you wander off trail (easy to do); but even should you wander just head for the canyon. Once inside the canyon the trail is less discernible but, again, just follow the creek. I found myself on quite a few occasions heeding the beckoning call of the creek bed and strayed off the "trail". Of course, the fallen leaves coated slippery rocks making it safer to stay out of the bed when possible. This is a great hike if you want solitude, lots of colorful scenery and a break from having to keep an eye on the GPS. Even though the trail requires no bushwhacking, the vegetation is so think that another hiker could be 50 feet away and you would neither hear nor see him/her.
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