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White Box & Hanging Gardens of WCC
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mini location map2011-07-12
15 by photographer avatarTchao
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White Box & Hanging Gardens of WCCCamp Verde, AZ
Camp Verde, AZ
Canyoneering avatar Jul 12 2011
Canyoneering3.60 Miles 540 AEG
Canyoneering3.60 Miles2 Days         
540 ft AEG
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First off, thanks for sharing this info, This place is absolutely beautiful!!! Hidden gem in AZ for sure. Thanks to you guys for sharing :)
This is our first real "hike" so our times and activity will differ from the norm here...just keep that in mind.

Found the TH with ease using the new updated description.
We drove in a bone stock Ford Explorer 4x4 just fine after rain, a little tricky but do-able.

On the first day we kept it simple, arrived at TH about 1pm. And yes, the hike down is STEEP! And others have repeated this...
Got down to the bottom in about over an 1 hour, and set up camp at the bottom.

There's this massive rock which is pretty flat in which we slept on.
No campfire due to fire restriction and that all the wood there is wet from the recent rain :/
Someone was nice enough to leave behind a make-shift fishing stick with bait and hook!

Explored the place a little and just played in the water to cool off. Took some long exposures of the stream. Didn't do a whole lot, just relax and enjoy the rest of the night.

Next morning we set off to explore White Box and hopefully find Hanging Gardens.
My two friends took those inflatable pool beds and I took an inner tube. We started late at about 10:30am. Didnt know what to expect lol, but sure was it FUN!
Rock hopped our way down the creek and floated/paddled in the long channels. Wow this place is unreal...You only see these things in AZ Hwy magazines!
Someone put up a swinging rope in the canyon, props to you! But it was covered with spiders so we all chickened out
More floating and rock hopping for about 3hrs, stopping for breaks and photos.
Finally reached Hanging Gardens at about 1pm. WOW. A hidden gem for sure.
We played there for about 1hr-30min and saw storm clouds rolling in. Got a bit nervous (and cold) so we decided to leave knowing it might take longer coming if it rains, and we still needed to hike back up that steep trail! So we booked it back to camp, trip back took about 1hr.
To our surprise we smelled campfire! Found three guys who supposedly hiked down the creek, they decided to join our campsite (kinda weird?!) They had a lot of guns there too (??)

So we chilled with them for a bit, and packed up our junk and headed out before sunset.
The trip up sucked. Carrying about 60lbs of gear sucked the worst, took about 2hrs to get up with lots of breaks.
Finally made it up there with just enough light to drive out.

Final words:
Water shoes suck, get quality sandals.
Lots of possibilities to mess up your ankle so tread carefully.
The water gets warmer the further you travel, so dont worry.
Bring a water filter or tablets, no need to carry heavy water.
Keep the place clean, leave no traces, its just too beautiful :)
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