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Charlebois from Peralta TH
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mini location map2011-12-30
7 by photographer avatarhikemonk
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Charlebois from Peralta THPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 30 2011
Hiking17.00 Miles 3,320 AEG
Hiking17.00 Miles
3,320 ft AEG
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Couldn't decide whether to do the Charlebois via Peralta or the Weaver's Needle Loop this date. Arrived @ the trailhead and saw Snake Marks but decided not to bother her given she was in "business attire" and obviously "working" ;)

Knew I had a reasonable distance on Bluff Springs Trail before I had to decide on a direction so headed out and let my feet decide. Got to the Terrapin turn off and just kept on Bluff Springs. Decided to go in one way and out another so in via Bluff Springs to the Dutchman to Charlebois and then return via the Dutchman to Peralta back to the trailhead.

I often wear a goofy looking "French Foreign Legion" type hat to "protect" me from the elements. Today I decided to explore upstream from the main collection pool @ Charlebois and was watching my footing on the rocks and dodging bushes and trees on either side when suddenly everything went black. Only took a split second to realize that was because my eyes were closed and I was falling backwards. Another split second and I realized something had hit me in the head and I was seemingly blacking out. I was pretty sure I hadn't blacked out when pain starting shooting through my head and my eyes remained closed while I grabbed both sides of my head stating out load how much this hurt! (Again, the utterances did not include the word pumpkin :oops: ) When I opened my eyes I saw a small pool of blood forming beneath me on the leaves on the ground and for a brief moment thought, how unfortunate, some small creature has been injured out here. Once I saw several fresh drops fall past my eyes into the slowly forming pool I realized, Oh, I'm the small creature whose been injured. (Nothing gets by me ;) )

When I finally looked about to see what had hit me I realized that I had, with my head down and view blocked by my trusty "protective" hat, run into a horizontal branch approximately 9+ inches in diameter and as dense as petrified wood. As I sat there and repeatedly wiped the blood from my forehead with my bandana, I reminded myself that cuts on the scalp bleed a lot and this probably looked worse than it was 8-[

As if walking straight into a tree that was bigger than life didn't make me feel stupid enough, I sat there sopping up blood and remembered that I had not signed in @ the trailhead and left no "flight plan" with anyone. For a few minutes I remained there in a bit of a fog and reminded myself that I'm rather old and fragile and obviously accident prone and might be wise to reevaluate the way I do things (Note to self... always leave trip info with others and go buy a first aid kit!! :-k )

The bleeding actually stopped rather quickly, maybe 10 minutes or so. Unfortunately, the resulting headache lasted all the way back to the car and until bedtime :( Headache aside, the 10 miles back to the trailhead was still an enjoyable hike and it turned out to be another beautiful winter day in the Supes with rivers of water and ice in multiple locations :DANCE:
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