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North Fork Deadman Falls via Barnhardt, AZ
mini location map2012-02-26
7 by photographer avatarTough_Boots
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North Fork Deadman Falls via Barnhardt, AZ 
North Fork Deadman Falls via Barnhardt, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 26 2012
Hiking19.50 Miles 4,112 AEG
Hiking19.50 Miles
4,112 ft AEG
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I wanted to check out the North Fork Deadman Creek twin falls again. I figured it was a gamble since there would be a good chance they aren't flowing right now but even the view from the top is worth the hike. John hasn't hiked in the Mazzies before so he was game to get out there.

We got an early start and were at the Barnhardt TH by 7:15. We visited the falls along the trail which were flowing. I've seen them show much better but those falls are always cool. Soon we were back on the trail. There was also water in the little canyon between the Divide junction and Chilson Camp. I have no clue what its called but there's almost always filterable water in there.

We then ran into the only person we saw all day-- a solo backpacker on the Divide Trail. We talked for a few minutes and were then on our way. I would later be shocked that he was the only person we ran into all day. Barnhardt TH on a sunday?

From there on, there was a little bit of water on the trail so I was hopeful there would be some at the falls. We finally made it to Sandy Saddle wash and it appeared dry. We worked our way down to the falls and started seeing more and more clear, deep pools along the way. We made it the falls and they were both flowing! Well, it wasn't like last year when I saw them with all the HAZ folks-- but they were both flowing with nice big pools at the bottom of the canyon. It was definitely worth the hike out there. That drop is dramatic to say the least. We ate lunch and headed back.

This being John's first time out there, I fooled him into checking out the Brody Seep trail by telling him about Chilson Camp. I had never been on Brody Seep past the camp and was wanting to check it out and diversify the return hike. My plan was to take Brody Seep and hit the Divide farther south and make a little loop back to the Barnhardt Trail. The Brody Seep did exactly what I expected it might do-- it fades in and out and completely disappears in spots. The trail map overlay I have on my GPS (nonot's map)shows a trail intersecting about halfway down the Brody Seep labeled Barnhardt West. John has Garmin's maps on his GPS that shows the Brody Seep (unlabeled) but instead of showing it continue south, has it follow the same trail I have labeled Barnhardt West (if anyone has more info on this section of forgotten trail, I'd be interested).

Well, anyways... the intersection of these two trails is cairned and fairly obvious. We figured that both trails were probably going to be a total mess but we'd take Barnhardt West because at least it was more direct. After a while, that trail completely disappears and never comes back-- no cairns or nothin'! We tried to follow fairly close to our tracks for a bit and then when we realized we were getting closer to the Divide Trail, we just bushwacked the most direct route and ended up fairly close to Barnhardt/Divide junction.

We were glad to get back on a trail and we made good time back to the TH.
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