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Workman Falls Ruins, AZ
mini location map2012-06-10
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Workman Falls Ruins, AZ 
Workman Falls Ruins, AZ
Hiking avatar Jun 10 2012
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Its not much of a hike, but rather a climb-straight up! Beautiful sceneary and cooler temps; 106 degrees in Tucson, 82 up here. This hike/climb started off on the wrong foot (really); Our German Sheppard, Brune (pronounced Bruna) wondered into the creek, at the head of the falls to get a drink and then couldnt climb out of it, due to the extremely slippery rocks and moss that covered them. We called her repeatedly to come to us, but she just couldnt stop sliding back. The problem was that she was literally one foot from the edge of the falls, having trouble keeping her footing and all of our attempts to pull her out were futile, as we would slip off of the rocks and into the moss and water covered rocks in the creek! If we slipped into the creek, there was nothing to keep us both from going over the falls! We knew this was a dire situation and we could see that she was getting really tired and scared after 30 minutes of trying to hang on!

I raced down the dirt road and found a YMCA camp type place, I told them of our situation and they gave me a rake, so I raced back up the mountain, with the rake, in hopes of being able to grab her leash, which was dangling off the edge of the falls! Just as I got back to the falls, I heard the sound of an ATV behind me on the dirt road-as luck would have it, it was an off-duty firefighter and his young son from Globe out riding around on the dirt roads-and he had a rope! I flagged him down and within minutes he had tied the rope around my waist and he and my friend Noel (the "Salado Indian"), using a tree for leverage, lowered me into the creek, whereupon, I was able to grabe Brune's leash after a few attempts and pull her towards me! I grabbed her leash and then they pulled us both to safety!!! WOW! Thanks firefighter Brian! I got his number and intend to do something nice for him! THEN we climbed up to the ruins!

P.S. did'nt post any pics of the dog with her cool dog backpack on, because she wandered off to the creek and got herself into trouble, before I was able to get any shots of her! She's actually at the edge of the falls, in the pic of the waterfall, with Noel in the background-you just cant make her out in the shot!
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Workman Creek Falls
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