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Tour de Baja Arizona Section IV, AZ
mini location map2012-11-02
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Tour de Baja Arizona Section IV, AZ 
Tour de Baja Arizona Section IV, AZ
Mtn Biking avatar Nov 02 2012
Mtn Biking166.46 Miles 15,191 AEG
Mtn Biking166.46 Miles5 Days         
15,191 ft AEG4 Days   1 Hour    Break100 LBS Pack
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Tour de Baja Arizona Section IV - Hot Well Dunes to Whitewater Draw

Having been continually working to manage a herniated L5 disc since January of this year - I recently devoted a good deal of time over the past three months toward Physical Therapy (PT). This involved little to no hiking - but did allow for increased cycling of all types - much of it measured on an indoor wind-trainer a minimum of 5 days per week. Trail riding and continuing research for a route I've been crafting - the Tour de Baja Arizona (TDBAZ) - made up most of the summer. The test route documented here outlines a variation involving Section IV of the tour. I intend to divide this route into into four sections, each averaging between 150 - 170 miles for a circuitous total of around 640 miles or over 1000 km. The bulk of each section is over dirt forest roads (100 miles +) with some single track trail riding when applicable - elevation is engaged not avoided. I carried all food necessary and took water solely from the route, with a 3.25 gallon capacity available. The only exception to this was the off-day in Rodeo, New Mexico - where I dined and took water in a conventional manner while remaining camped for two nights - as I needed to do laundry somewhere. The weight of the bike and gear used fluctuated between 90 - 110lbs.< mainly dependent on water load. I was fortunate to find water available in the creek beds below my camps in both Pinery Canyon & Rucker Canyon in the Chiricahua Mountains - this was a gamble that paid-off by allowing me to carry less water over some of the steepest climbs. I rode fully loaded with over 3.25 gallons on board upon leaving camp at Hot Well Dunes and ran out the following morning on the uphill grade entering Chiricahua National Monument. This gave me a good seasonal assessment as to the range of the set-up, etc. I feel good about this outing and that my PT over 2012 is definitely heading in the right direction! The photos are mainly of campsites with the bike and such - a few landscapes are included.

:SB: Having recently (earlier this month) traversed the Chiricahuas by Mountain Bike, I was able to inquire about Rustler Park with a good many regional folks. The story was consistent from the Chiricahua Monument to Portal, AZ / Rodeo, NM... Word is that a minimum of 1000 burned or scorched trees are going to be logged off at Rustler Rark - most of this will be performed by onsite mobile sawmills brought up the mountain with finished lumber trucked-off - with much of the excelsior remains being incorporated into a portion of erosion control, etc. Barfoot Park has remained open escaping a good deal of recent fire damage - except for the Fire Lookout... I hiked about Rustler Park (currently closed) while doing a Truck Camping overnight to research water availability back in Mid-October for the MTB ride through the area. Barfoot is a real gem of seclusion at 8,300'...
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Autumn Foliage Observation Substantial

water 1 out of 5water 2 out of 5water less than maxwater less than max Maggie Tank 26-50% full 26-50% full
Went off the road to check on this tank in an isolated fully exposed area. An oasis in the region.

water 1 out of 5water 2 out of 5water less than maxwater less than max Silver Spur Spring Quart per minute Quart per minute
Nominal flow observed while hiking about the area.
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