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Valley of Fire State Park, NV
mini location map2012-12-01
7 by photographer avatarDigital_Sherpa
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Valley of Fire State Park, NV 
Valley of Fire State Park, NV
Hiking avatar Dec 01 2012
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I'm shocked there aren't any trip reports from this place yet. This was the first time I've been to this area since I'm usually distracted by shiny objects anytime I get near Vegas. There's a few touristy little trails that were clogged with tourists (judging by the parking lots) but there are ample opportunities for solitude and incredible scenery. Just park and head in any direction away from the road. The geology is mind boggling and reminds me of a mixture between Sedona and Vermillion Cliffs. If you're going there for photography, and why wouldn't you, make sure you hang around after sunset and capture the best light.
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