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Javelina Mt & Maricopa Peak-Sand Tanks, AZ
mini location map2013-02-02
21 by photographer avatardesert_boonie
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Javelina Mt & Maricopa Peak-Sand Tanks, AZ 
Javelina Mt & Maricopa Peak-Sand Tanks, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 02 2013
Hiking9.80 Miles 3,605 AEG
Hiking9.80 Miles   8 Hrs   22 Mns   1.17 mph
3,605 ft AEG
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A day out in the seldom visited Sand Tank Mountains had me drooling at the mouth for the last few months. After getting our permits and waiting for the weather to be perfect we were finally set to head on out there and have a great adventure. Picking up Scott and Tanya in good old Tempe, we headed on down south through Scott's favorite city Maricopa and then onto the I-8 towards the mountain. We called in our permits, found our gate and drove on in from the north which was the only disappointment of the day, being there was no mud and road in wasn't as bad as I was hoping it would be. We were able to drive right up to the base of the mountain, gather our things and head on out.
We picked a wash to start in to reach a ridge we wanted to take up. Not long into the hike we spotted 2 deer, a mommy and her kid who not knowing any better took off running up the mountain in fine form as mommy just watched up for a few seconds then went jauntily on after the youngster. Not long after that we saw some pretty fresh kitty tracks, an old stash of supplies from most likely a border crossing group, and petroglyphs all in the matter of 2 minutes. Going up the wash for a little while longer, we got the ridge we wanted and headed on up the steep section to gain the ridge line. Once on the ridge I thought I had Javelina Mt. in sight, but Scott had to dash the idea and pull out the GPS and see it wasn't the peak in view but she was really behind what we saw. Thanks Scott. We started on traversing the ridge line over and finally got Javelina Mt. in view. It didn't take long to get on over to her and we couldn't stop staring at the incredible views the terrain had to offer in all directions. Once on top, we took a much needed break, drank our first summit brew for the day and saw Maricopa Peak in the distance just over 2 miles away.
As we traversed the ridge, we could hear the jets in the distance and the sudden sonic boom of explosions and were able to look back and see smoke and cloud on the desert floor in the distance, got to love being on the range. We made good time getting over to Maricopa peak, where the last of the long incline for the day burned our legs in every way I love. Once up on the summit we were surprised to see how many people have visited the peak since 1983. Not many, but enough to almost have the little notepad filled out completely. We enjoyed the views from up top and another summit brew and I have to honestly say being up there offers some of the best views i've seen in the state. We readied ourselves for the hike back down which seemed to take forever as it most often does when you are ended the day. We got back to the Jeep before the sunset and enjoyed a nice drive back on out to civilization.
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Javelina Mountain Maricopa Peak
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