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Peak 3465 - Hieroglyphic Mountains
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mini location map2012-12-29
22 by photographer avatardesert_boonie
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Peak 3465 - Hieroglyphic MountainsPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 29 2012
Hiking12.72 Miles 3,230 AEG
Hiking12.72 Miles   6 Hrs   30 Mns   1.96 mph
3,230 ft AEG
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1st trip
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A hike i've been wanting to do for quite some time now so finally I got my lazy bones over there which isn't too hard for me since I live quite close. Started the hike with getting up peaks 3465' and 3392' in mind and whatever else the terrain would throw at me. Oh great, a minute into the hike and I spot what I hate to see, several shotgun shells and 3 shell boxes right off the trail. I can only shake my head at this but would pick it up on the way back so all is well. This area is so great, why I do not come out here more is beyond me, but that is going to change (I've said that before) the big peak of 3465' is in front of you the entire time just inviting you to come closer so of course I had no problem doing that. The sight of some of the biggest saguaro cacti I have ever seen make this hike great, the isolation knowing you are minutes from a main road is what separates this area from the rest, just not many come out here to hike. You'll hear more guns going off then see hikers that is for sure. Well the faded trail leads you to the NE of the peak and then it is a scramble up to the actual summit which was just fine with me. Getting up on top of this peak is pretty amazing, seeing how few people there are that sign in the top makes it even better. You simply cannot beat the views, the rugged area, the jagged peaks all over the place and the lake give your eyes everything they can want.

The wind was blowing pretty good at the top so I took shelter behind a rock and ate some food and looked over the summit register. Not as many people as I would expect to see on a peak that virtually has a trail leading up to it. But as I ate some lunch and looked over at peak 3392' I knew the fun part of the day was coming. I wanted to down climb the southern part of the peak and get right on the ridge but knew it just wasn't going to happen. The shear drop off and loose rock made me look for another way, well I traversed down the summit ridge which is exposed on one side to try and find a groove I could handle. I thought I found just what I was looking for on the SE side and gave it a go. She threw one pretty spicy down climb at me where the pack had to come off and travel a little further downhill than I had planned. But what is a day without getting the heart pumping a little bit? I got down and was able to traverse the mountain around the 3200 contour mark over to the ridge I wanted to be on to get up peak 3392' Again some huge saguaro made the trek well worth it. I got the ridge and got up to the summit with a great vibe. I found a summit register and was expecting the name I saw in there, good old Bob Martin. But for that to be the only one in there, now I felt this peak was even more well worth the extreme effort getting over to her. Though there is an easier approach i'm sure Bob took when he did it. :) I finished my lunch on this peak and geared up for the traverse back to the trail to hike back to the Jeep. Made it in pretty much the time table I had set for myself so I was very happy about that. Ran into 2 hikers on the way out which was surprising, they said they were not going much further as they got a late start so we said our goodbye and I was off to collect shells and ammo boxes some morons had left. Couldn't have asked for a better day for this trek. Nice and cool with the off and on sun. What a great warm-up for my filled in weekend.

Happy New Year!!!!
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