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Angel Basin Reavis Ranch Loop, AZ
mini location map2013-02-16
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Angel Basin Reavis Ranch Loop, AZ 
Angel Basin Reavis Ranch Loop, AZ
Backpack avatar Feb 16 2013
Backpack23.92 Miles 2,455 AEG
Backpack23.92 Miles2 Days         
2,455 ft AEG45 LBS Pack
1st trip
Starting at the Rogers Trough Trail-head (approx 4800'), descend the canyon on Reavis Trail #109 for a couple miles to the #110 Rogers Canyon Trail junction. Hang left and continue north on the 110 for several miles. Near the bottom, look up to your right (northeast), and you will see the cliff Dwellings. These are DEFINITELY worth a side trip. After that, it's just a short hike down before it levels out and the trail comes out into Angel Basin, which is really just a small meadow and popular campsite. Follow Rogers Canyon and the creek down to the right (This is the start of #112 Frog Tanks trail) for a few miles to the confluence of several canyons. There are several more camping spots here. Just after the junction of the streams, the trail veers off to the right, and starts going up and up, continuing north and east, until the trail seemingly ends in a small picturesque glade at the junction with #287 Plow Saddle trail coming from the north (take this trail up to #109 to visit Reavis Falls). Frog Tanks Trail does actually continue through at the east side of the glade and turns south before finally turning back to the north as you continue to climb, finally ending at the junction with #109 Reavis Trail. Turn right and head east then south to Reavis Ranch, a beautiful long thin valley at 4800 feet with plenty of spots for camping. Continuing south through the valley you will pass the #117 Reavis Gap Trail junction. Keep on and the trail cuts across the valley to the southeast, crosses the stream, then starts rising steadily. You will pass the #118 Fireline trail as it continues a slow incline past 5000', until you crest the summit (Reavis Pass?) at 5300 feet. The view from here is spectacular. From here is a quick-paced romp down the mountain to 4300' or so, where you hit the #110 junction that you took 20 miles before. From there, it's a quick but tiring couple miles back up the rest of the canyon to Rogers Trough.
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