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Ash Canyon-Creek Trendall Peak, AZ
mini location map2013-10-22
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Ash Canyon-Creek Trendall Peak, AZ 
Ash Canyon-Creek Trendall Peak, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 22 2013
Hiking16.81 Miles 3,570 AEG
Hiking16.81 Miles   9 Hrs   45 Mns   1.82 mph
3,570 ft AEG      30 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
1st trip
Partners none no partners
The plans
My original plans where to Hike Medlar Springs to the end, back track to Ash Creek #9705,then off trail hike to Ash Canyon Trail #549. Round trip, just under 20 miles. A couple weeks after planning this, i see a post by Mr "The Yeti" mentioning Kendall Peak. I then plotted a course to Kendall, and if I had the time I would complete this trail.(around 1.3 extra miles)

What happened.
I got off work at 11pm Monday Night, and headed up to Sunset Point for a nap. I was already packed, I just had to stop at a store to get some supplies. I left Sunset point around 4:45am and headed toward the Midlar Springs Trail Head. I just got My 4 wheel-drive fixed, so I picked the roughest way I could find to the Trail Head. This worked out great. I got some 4x4 time, and had all day to get a good hike in. Until........
I passed a sign saying "Bottle Ranch, Please help us keep it clean". I knew there was a ranch at the end of the Forest Road. The next sign reads Bottle Ranch, Private property.. I stopped to think for a bit. I could park here , and start my hike. I though it would add at least 1 mile each way to the trip.(actually only adding .5 miles total) I decided to turn around and head to the Ash Canyon trail head. It was around 28 miles to go around, most on dirt Forest roads. This took over an hour. During the hike, I had plenty of time to think about the Private Property sign. It didnt say No trespassing, I was on a Forest Service Road, and this trail is on the Prescott Forest Website. Im sure It would have been ok, to start hiking at Medlar Springs TrailHead. It was early in the morning, and I didnt think this threw.

[ gps route ] (Dont know how to post a Generic Desc to a Generic GPS)
The Hike.
0-2.8 miles. I started hiking around 7:15. Around .5 miles I realized I was off the Ashe Canyon trail. I was following the Hunters Tree Markings. The trail was taking me towards Kendall Peak. I was going to save this for last. The unnamed trail didnt take me to the peak, but close enough I could bushwack a bit up to the top. The peak does have some great views of the area. I remembered Preston the Yeti mentioning a Registry, I wasnt sure if it was at the top of Kendall, or at the TrailHead. I hiked about 1/2 mile back and forth at the
top, looking for this registry. I then hiked down the trail, to the trailhead. I looked again this so called registry. I still couldnt find it. From here I decided to go off trail back to Ash Canyon, instead of hiking the Forest Road to the start. Lucky me, I found a pair of sunglasses,on this off trail portion. These glasses would end up being a life saver, later into the trip.
2.8-6.3-7.25 miles. This part of the trip was easy to follow. I did get off trail at the 4.1 mark. I noticed the creek was getting real difficult. I looked at my GPS and noticed that the trail went over a hill, to cut this part of the creek out of the trail. 6.3 to 7.25 where backtracking. I did find a tennis ball around the 6.4 mile mark.
7.25-9.25. From looking at topo maps, and google, I thought that the 7.25-7.5 mile part of the trip was going to be difficult. I thought it was going to be bushwacking and off trail to go from Ash Canyon trail to the Ash Creek trail. There ended up having a trail the whole way, very easy.
9.75-10.25 This area realy sucked. Bush wacking finding my own way down. Very slow going.
10.25-11.1 There seamed to be a trail here, but it was slow going. I turned around at 1:12 at 11.1 miles.
11.1-12.4 Not wanting to go back the way I came, and trying to saves some time, I started looking for another possible way back. At 11.2 I noticed I could take an alternate route. I knew I was going to have to bushwhack a lot. I ended up climbing 500ft with out a trail(5486-5986ft), bushwhacking the whole way. My legs where tore up before this part, now they are on fire!!!! This is where the sunglasses saved me. I was going threw some tough areas. I'm sure my face and eyes would have been scratched up if it wasn't for these glasses. The short cut was worth it. It seam to save some time and milage.
12.4-16.8 This part was real easy going. I didnt have to look at the GPS very often. At 16.25, I crossed paths with a family of bears... Im sure they where watching me for a bit. When I got close to them, they ran down from the hill away from me, crossed the creek, then started up the other side. They stopped there and waited to see what my next move was. I stood still, and just watched them as they where watching me. Then the family went around the hill and started circling around me. At this point they where out of sight, but I could hear them running. I crossed to the other side of the creek, and headed up the hill. Finally they appeared on top of a hill. Mother bear climbed a tree to take a better look at me. I just stood there and watched for a couple seconds. She finally left and I didnt hear from them again.

Even with the cuts and bruises, I did enjoy the whole trip. I will do the Medlar Springs Trail and finish Ash Creek trail another time.
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