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mini location map2014-06-06
25 by photographer avatarTortoise_Hiker
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Mount Whitney 14,505Sierra Nevada, CA
Sierra Nevada, CA
Hiking avatar Jun 06 2014
Hiking18.30 Miles 6,868 AEG
Hiking18.30 Miles   12 Hrs   40 Mns   1.44 mph
6,868 ft AEG
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1st trip
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A big thanks goes out to Wally for sitting this whole thing up! :thanx: Throw in Bob and Preston and it made for an awesome road trip. We hit the road Thursday in the am. Wally gave us a break every couple hours to break up the looong drive. We went straight to the Portal campground and sit up camp. From there it was an eleven mile drive or so back to Lone Pine. we ate a Pizza and headed back to camp. We did some exploring and found it to be a cool little campground. Watching the two little boys next to us run around and explore reminded me of my kids and some of our camping trips(Good times). I was in bed early as we were getting up at 4:00am.
We hit the trail around 5:15 and were on our way to the Whitney summit. Yeah! Bob feels better at a fast pace and he took off and would see us at the top. Wally set the pace for Preston and I and it worked out to be a great pace for me. There were great views and cool things to see around every corner. Lakes, waterfalls, creeks, pines, foxtail pines, ridgelines, snow, ice, views, more views, and The Summit! Awesome! Bob had waited for us and we hung out for a little while. We didn't stay to long as we wanted to lose some elevation and get into some thicker air. Bob and Preston did some extra exploring and Wally and I headed on down. One other guy had joined us about half way up and stayed with Wally and I most of the way done. He wasn't sure of the route and liked Wally as a guide. All the cool stuff was cool on the way down too :D . Bob and Preston meet up with us around Mirror Lake and we stayed together the rest of the way down.
This was an awesome trip! Our campground had our own Bear locker and the Outhouse was not to far away. The weather was awesome. We all had yaktrax and such but really didn't need them. The hiking poles were really helpful. One little spot in the switchbacks were you needed your hands and one at the saddle and the rest was pretty good. Great Hike!
Wally had us a room in Lone Pine. We grabbed burgers and headed to the room. We were up early for the hotel breakfast and on the road by 6am. One stop for a lady Preston looked up to then a break every couple hours and home by Saturday afternoon. Plenty of car time to start talking about future adventures.
Thanks to Wally, Preston, and Bob for making this such an awesome fun trip! You all rock! :y:
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