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Jordan Hot Springs Loop, NM
mini location map2014-06-14
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Jordan Hot Springs Loop, NM 
Jordan Hot Springs Loop, NM
Backpack avatar Jun 14 2014
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After my adventures in India, I thought I'd be in such fantastic shape that I should hit the trail right away. I also thought I'd be happy to lead a largish group of backpackers back to one of my favorite camping spots. Right on first count, wrong on second. While the trip was overall a tremendous success, I was NOT ready to be trip leader again. I got grumpy - like "you can all go and throw pumpkins at each other and die for all I care" grumpy.

But, as I often do, I have gotten ahead of myself.

I tried to go back in my memory to figure out how many times I've done the hike to Jordan Hot Springs and back. While the different trips with different groups all tend to blur in my head, I know it has to be around 8 trips. I'd gone almost every year since 2003 - missed a couple, went twice at least once. Heck - I even did the write up for it here on HAZ. You'll understand why I'm explaining this in a minute.

As Tibber explained in her trip report (excellent work trail sister), fires and floods have dramatically changed this canyon. Although I was prepared for the trail to be impacted, I really did not understand the extent to which it could have been altered. I've been in many riparian areas pre-and-post flood, but I've never witnessed with this kind of intimacy the power of a massive debris flood. Where there was once a soft path trail over a rolling grass meadow bordered by pines and sycamores there is now a bed of baby-head boulders, gravel and some twigs. Where the stream once flowed in the confines of a riparian forest, there is now a wide, naked streamcourse. And, where there was once a canyon bottom dense with huge, towering cottonwoods there is now a wide open chasm with stunning views of the sheer cliffs and massive boulders.

Ah - I've decided that I can't rant about this trip. It was beautiful. The weather was ideal. I got to hike with my trail sister Angela, swim in a deep cold pool and soak in a warm spring. No matter what else happened with stupid hikers and stubborn pumpkins, it was a great weekend to be alive and on the trail. And isn't that what it's all about, anyway?

The down side of the whole trip is that I'm taking a long leave of absence from leading backpacking trips. I guess you could say I'm burnt out (and yes, I know burned is the proper word, but burnt says so much more). Six years of volunteering to lead strangers into the wilds and shouldering the responsibility for their welfare in the wilds has turned me into a grumpy girl...and you just can't throw a Wendy when you're frowning.
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