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Awaawapuhi Trail
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mini location map2014-07-29
1 by photographer avatarMikeS
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Awaawapuhi TrailKauai, HI
Kauai, HI
Hiking avatar Jul 29 2014
Hiking6.30 Miles 1,926 AEG
Hiking6.30 Miles   1 Hour   27 Mns   4.34 mph
1,926 ft AEG
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Great little run. The first 2.5 miles feels like you are running through the forest, lots of roots on the trail then at mile 3 it opens up and you see amazing views of the valleys below. At the end of the trail I hiked out on this spine on a ridge that had a 2,000 foot drop off on both sides of the spine and the trail narrowed to less then a foot in spots. I was glad the wind wasn't blowing. I will attach a picture of the spine.
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