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The Teton Crest
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mini location map2015-07-23
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The Teton CrestYellowstone, WY
Yellowstone, WY
Backpack avatar Jul 23 2015
Backpack50.20 Miles 10,910 AEG
Backpack50.20 Miles4 Days         
10,910 ft AEG30 LBS Pack
 no routes
1st trip
I am absolutely shocked that with this group of outstanding hikers (I really mean that, this group always impresses me), that no one has ever done this iconic trail across the backside of the Tetons. This was absolutely one of the best adventures I have been on. I am going to rank my top ones below as I would like to see the debate. I went with a group of 5 guys. 3 of us started up Granite Canyon while 2 took the gondola up to save their legs and meet us. The problem was the 2 that went up were the least experienced and got themselves lost in the backcountry. After looking for them for a few hours with no luck we went and set up camp. We found them the next morning but they were tired and cold. The 2 guys I was with had to actually use a 2 person tent for 2 people so you know how that goes. We had a tired group for our big day heading north to the Tetons. This trail is so amazing. Heading from south to north the trail gets more amazing by the mile. Night 2 we camped in the South Fork camp area literally right below the Grand Teton. So beautiful. Rained all night with some serious thunder but still awesome. My group was very tired the next morning so I got up early and went solo up a trail towards the Grand. Very peaceful and beautiful. Still a lot of snow up high which creates amazing waterfalls. Our group hiked down South Fork and the waterfalls got even better. 3 of our group had enough and hiked back to Jenny Lake via Cascade Canyon. While me and another guy continued on up North Fork towards Paintbrush. This was a beautiful trail. We got up to Solitude Lake and jumped in for a nice 35 degree refresher, then over Paintbrush divide. Coming down my legs were starting to feel it and I was grateful to get to our campground. We found a great spot looking down the canyon towards Jenny Lake. The next morning we were ready for a shower and even though we had 30-35 lbs packs, we ran a lot of the way out. An outstanding experience that I would highly recommend. I will paste a 4 min video below so you can see what 50 miles in the Tetons looks like. While hiking I decided to rank my top “big” adventures. I am interested in what others think as I know many of you have done some of these other “big” adventures. ... lqXo

Top 8 adventures I have been on

1. Kalalau Trail – On the Napali Coast of Kauai – Amazing combination of beauty and difficulty with rivers crossings, cliffs and jungle humidity
2. Teton Crest Trail – Grand Teton NP – see above – Amazing scenery
3. Half Dome – Yosemite NP – Did a point to point coming in on Panaroma and down Mist.
4. Grand Canyon R2R- GCNP – So many varitions to R2R, R2R2R or even down SK up BA. Done them all and love them.
5. West Rim, Angels Landing, Observation Point – Zions NP – Beautiful looking down the canyon from Observation Point, amazing scenic points from West Rim and Angel’s Landing is just plain fun.
6. Mt Whitney – Highest Point in lower 48. A great challenge and fun trail
7. Havasupai – Hike is a little on the boring side but the waterfalls are outstanding and fun to play in.
8. Under the Rim Trail – Bryce NP – Great challenge and beautiful but not as much as the ones above.

Near term bucket list
1. The Maze – Canyonlands NP
2. Longs Peak and Maroon Bells double in CO
3. Glacier NP backpack trip
4. Complete Trans Zions
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