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Reavis Ranch via 109 North
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mini location map2007-03-23
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Reavis Ranch via 109 NorthGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 23 2007
Hiking18.60 Miles 2,040 AEG
Hiking18.60 Miles   9 Hrs   30 Mns   1.96 mph
2,040 ft AEG
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This is normally done as an overnight backpack trip, but I did it as a day hike. That's unusual, but even more odd than that is that it took me only one more hour to do this than to do Superstition Peak, which I did 5 days earlier. My feet were pretty blistered from that hike, so I was kind of concerned going into this one that my feet wouldnt hold up so well. Turns out everything was fine.

My friend from PA, Ed, made a stop out for this one. Ed is Mr. Extreme Sports and loves all outdoor activities like this and mountain biking, skiiing, kayaking, etc. He's currently traveling across the country for a year doing these types of things and odd jobs along the way to support himself. Two days before we did this hike, he decided to run, not hike, the Grand Canyon. He made it down and up South Kaibab in just over 6 hours. So for this hike, he was pretty sore and stiff from the word "Go".

I woke up that morning at 2:30am, we were out the door at about 4:20am and started hiking at precisely 6:18am. There was one car, some kind of volkwagen, at the trailhead. The weather forecast was 50% chance of rain with a high of 67. it was kind of chilly when we started, so we decided to go with extra clothing to protect from rain, cold,etc. After a few miles, I took off my raincoat. I ended up being soaked most of the hike from sweat from that rather than rain. by our two hour mark, we made to castle dome, which was when I decided to shed the raincoat. within an hour after that, we made it to the junction with the Plow Saddle Trail and saw the rain coming towards us from the southwest. we put the coats back on and began to make our way down Plow Saddle to Frog tanks. by the time we got to the Frog Tanks junction, the rain was gone, not to return. we lucked out on that front to get 15 min. of rain from the 50% forecast. halfway from that junction back to Trail 109, I took the raincoat off again. Of course, 5 min after I took it off, we started to hear thunder again. the rain threatened, but passed over as we made our way to the ranch.

We decided to end the trek in at the junction of 109 and 117 (Reavis Gap). I've been to the ranch twice and saw all there is to see. since this was a long hike to begin with ,I saw no need to prolong it any more than we needed to. it was my son's 1st birthday anyway, and even though the party was the next day, it would be nice to spend some time being Mr. Dad like I should.

Towards the end of the grassland portion of the hike just before castle dome, the trail got very muddy and stayed that way on and off the rest of the way. once we got back on Trail 109, I noticed tracks from the people staying at the ranch making their way back to the trailhead. we must have missed them since we took the Plow Saddle/Frog Tanks way in and 109 out. on the way on 109, we saw about 3-4 groups of people on their way in to spend the weekend. the first group was 4 guys. they said they were spending 2 nights. Ed said he couldnt haul enough beer in for 2 nights. I told him that hikers know to take whiskey instead of beer for the overnighters, that's why its so popular in western lore. just then the one guy in that group tapped the pocket on the strap of his backpack and pointed out his flask, already ready for easy access.

At castle dome we saw about 2-3 more groups of hikers on their way in. I mentioned to Ed that I dont think anyone we saw on their way in appeared to be under 50. the last group all looked to be in their 70s. I hope one day to be a member of that club. Also at that point I felt the first big discomfort in my left foot. the back of my ankle was forming a nice blister and I could feel it. Ed recommended I inspect and take care of it. I did, and after some new moleskin, I was as good as new.

The rest of the hike was ok. the sun came out more, making for some better pics towards the end than on the way in. We finished at about 4pm and stopped at the overlook at the top of Fish Creek Hill so Ed could take some pics. I was very surprised we finished this so quickly and I wasnt very beat up afterwards. I think the hike to superstition peak 5 days earlier helped alot in terms of leg and foot conditioning.
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