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Rogers Canyon and Reavis Ranch Loop, AZ
mini location map2015-04-16
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Rogers Canyon and Reavis Ranch Loop, AZ 
Rogers Canyon and Reavis Ranch Loop, AZ
Backpack25.60 Miles 4,300 AEG
Backpack25.60 Miles3 Days         
4,300 ft AEG30 LBS Pack
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Day 1

We hit the Rogers Trough Trailhead a bit later than hoped, around 4pm - the road in is pretty bumpy and slow! Everyone was carrying a fair amount of water, about 5-6 liters / person as we didn't know what we would find. A beautiful day, temps in the 70's. We made our way north on #109 until forking left onto #110 towards Rogers Canyon. Passed the cliff dwellings and had a great night camping just down the road at Angel Basin. Beautiful night.

Day 2

Woke up around 6 am, but sleepy heads take their time and we didn't really get moving until 8am. Doubled back without packs to check out the cliff dwellings - fantastic time. Then saddled up our packs and headed north on Frog Tanks. Two points - first, there was plenty of standing water in the creek along the way. Second, the Frog Tanks Trail was not nearly as overgrown as let on in some of the trail guides here. Certainly lots of scrabbling across the creek beds, which was a common theme. Also, some kind of strange gear / junk patch about a mile up the trail - not sure what it was, we have the waypoint if anyone is interested. Looks like someone just ditched their gear and a bear got it.

The rest of the morning was the long slog up Frog Tanks towards Plow Saddle. Hot and slow, though some guys were feeling much better. 5 liters of water was a lot but welcome. We made our way over to #109 and reached Reavis Ranch by about 2pm. Everyone was glad for the relief, and we spent the afternoon making camp, eating ramen, and snoozing in the open fields. Really beautiful.

Day 3

Split into two groups - two guys weren't feeling great, so they headed straight back down #109 while the rest of us ditched our packs at the bottom of Fireline and headed towards Circlestone. The aggressive morning was well worth it, as Circlestone was beautiful on a clear day, and we managed to get a few bars and check in with our families. Then we headed back down Fireline, grabbed our packs, and bolted for the trailhead. It was a very hot day - hit the 80's and the travel was a bit challenging, though probably my fault as I pushed the pace over 3 miles an hour. Hey, when it's time to go home, it's time to go home. The last mile of #109 as you head back to the trailhead is particularly brutal. However, we we were back in the cars by 1:30 and guys were very happy to be on our way to Scottsdale for the night and a different kind of flora and fauna.

Overall, an incredible trip, and can't thank the community here enough for their help in planning it.
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