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Skull Mesa - Cottonwood Creek Loop
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mini location map2016-02-13
12 by photographer avatarrcorfman
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Skull Mesa - Cottonwood Creek LoopPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 13 2016
Hiking12.43 Miles 2,926 AEG
Hiking12.43 Miles   6 Hrs   27 Mns   2.27 mph
2,926 ft AEG      58 Mns Break12 LBS Pack
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I parked at the Spur Cross parking area and got ready to start my hike. For some reason, I forgot to bring my hat so I slathered the sunscreen on my head where the hair is not so thick anymore.

It was a lazy morning so it was about 10 when I got on the trail. There were some hosts at the entry station where I paid the entrance fee. They were selling hats but I didn't have enough cash, so I just continued on hatless.

I did the clockwise tramp on the Cottonwood loop. There were several people out but they thinned out quickly once I crossed Cave Creek a couple of times.

As I neared the cutoff to Skull Mesa, I met two men coming the other way. They said they had already been up on the mesa and were heading to a wash and taking it back instead of the trail. They mentioned a route was probably on HAZ. I probably should have asked for their names. A short distance further, I passed three women who had also been up on the mesa.

I think allergies were bugging me because my left sinus was runny and my left eye was watering and hurting. It made it difficult to hike. On the way up to the mesa, I had to stop because I couldn't keep my eye open. I rested and ate and drank and cooled down. Getting the sweat to stop dripping in my eye really helped. From then on I hiked steady but easy so as to keep the sweating to a minimum.

Once on Skull Mesa, I went and found geocache, Explore the Wilderness 6 - Skull Mesa, then turned back and down the hill and back to the Cottonwood trail. My eye was bothering me a lot again, and when I came to Cottonwood Spring I stopped for a break. The stream was flowing lightly and I washed my face and ate and cooled off again before continuing. I had to stop one other time to tend to my eye before I made it back to my truck.

The eye problems were disappointing but I did enjoy the hike. The dessert is nice and green now and the hiking was good.
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