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Brahma Temple
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Brahma TempleNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Backpack29.00 Miles 10,700 AEG
Backpack29.00 Miles
10,700 ft AEG
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1st trip
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I would imagine that doing this in February isn't always going to work out, but given how dry the last month was, we had an opening. The group was Eric, Richard, and myself, and we did this as a 2 day/1 night trip. It was on the warm side throughout, but I'm not at all going to complain about heat given the volume of May and June triplogs for this one. There was no snow on the crux pitches, and we only encountered snow on the summit plateau of Brahma. And we used it to fill up our water supplies - a welcome gift!

We started down the Kaibab on Friday at midday, and there was very minimal snow and ice for the first couple hundred feet. Nothing after that. Down to Phantom, and up the Clear Creek trail in the comfortably warm sun. We got to Sumner wash, then hiked up the base of the Redwall break, finding a place to bed down for the night. The Hilton, it was not, but there was enough room for the three of us to throw down tarps and sleeping bags on flat spots. A quiet night, aside from the kangaroo rat jumping on my face at one point.

Up at first light, we quickly made our way to the Redwall climb. I'm saddened to report that Mr. T no longer points the way. The cairn shown in the photos that others have posted is still there, but I thought about what he would have wanted us to do and went right. The Redwall moves passed pretty easily, as did the Supai obstacles above. That long gentle arm coming off Zoroaster is truly an amazing place. The traverse beneath the Supai is a virtual highway, and soon it was time for the three crux pitches, or as I started calling them, the "Three Peppers." First one is an Anaheim, especially with the fixed rope. Not bad. Then a bell pepper on the friction climb right beneath the Jalapeno (the crux). That one packs some spice! Eric practically walked up, but Richard and I had to think about it for a couple minutes each. We didn't use the fixed black rope/orange webbing on the way up, but certainly did on the way down.

The traverses weren't in bad shape and the ground was soft, probably because of the recent snowmelt. The one before Brahma's final climb started to drag, and we were all ready to see that final Coconino climb. Pretty loose blocks in here (some of them large!), but the climbing isn't too hard. Summit was great, and we topped out about 4 hours after leaving camp. Return trip passed smoothly, and we were back at camp 7.5 hours after leaving. Nice. Warm hike out to Phantom, where we refilled water and talked with a guy who had climbed Zoroaster before. I was feeling great and moving well up until this point, but the wheels definitely came off the wagon heading up the Kaibab. But the wagon made it back up. Great climb, really happy to have gotten this one done!
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