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Eagle Mountain - Minnesota Highpoint
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mini location map2017-06-24
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Eagle Mountain - Minnesota HighpointNortheast, MN
Northeast, MN
Hiking6.75 Miles 811 AEG
Hiking6.75 Miles   3 Hrs      2.25 mph
811 ft AEG
1st trip
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This was a part of a 3 state highpoint blitz, but the only one that involved any form of hiking that I'm not embarrassed to claim. After crossing the bridge that separates the Yoopers from the Trolls, we set our sights on Mount Arvon (Michigan), followed by Timms Hill (Wisconsin), but the aggregate hiking distance on those was about 1 mile and 200 feet...but, all told, what a scenic area! Given that we're pulling up roots and moving back west again in August (Reno, here we come!), it was time to get these highpoints done and see the northern sights while we're still here. Eagle Mountain is a good one.

Driving from Duluth along the North Shore of Lake Superior is worth the hassle of getting to Eagle Mountain alone, and views of waterfalls near the road and bluffs looking out over the Greatest of Lakes will tempt you to pull the car over again and again and take pictures. The forecast for our day on Eagle was a good chance of showers, but I've gotten a bit more used to hiking in the rain since moving to the Midwest. Despite the cool temps and moderate rain, the state bird greeted us within seconds of leaving the vehicle. No worries, came armed with long sleeve and good repellent.

The trail itself is a nice stroll through the forest, rolling up and down through the first two miles of a mixture of hardwoods and pines. The boardwalks and bridges through the bogs are great, as slowing down leaves you vulnerable to the waiting mosquito swarms (I'm exaggerating a little - they weren't terrible). Whale Lake is a scenic spot, and we saw some backcountry campers set up on the other side of the lake. Heading up the trail to the top of Minnesota, we encountered only four other people, and had the top to ourselves. Nice! The views of the surroundings are great. Maybe it's just because I've been mountain-starved living out here, but it sure felt good to see some substantive topographical changes.

This would be an area worth exploring by canoe or kayak if you have a few days to spare - check it out!

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