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Rim to Utah Flats and Back, AZ
mini location map2016-04-24
9 by photographer avatarsbkelley
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Rim to Utah Flats and Back, AZ 
Rim to Utah Flats and Back, AZ
Hiking21.10 Miles 6,200 AEG
Hiking21.10 Miles   12 Hrs      1.76 mph
6,200 ft AEG
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1st trip
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I recently accepted a job offer from the University of Michigan that starts this September, and given the upcoming temperatures, I knew my window to get a good Canyon hike in before departing was narrow. And there was no way I was leaving without seeing it again! I babysat Friday and Saturday morning while Tanya got some time to herself, and we switched roles Saturday afternoon and I headed up to the canyon with my friend Taylor. Camped near Tusayan and woke up early Sunday. Left the car near the BA Trail, and shuttled over to the SK trailhead, starting at 6:15 am and not a soul in sight. That was a welcome treat! Was quiet on the trail the whole way down, and we tanked up water at Phantom. Up Utah Flats one more time to about the 4200' level, where we found a nice lunch spot above the slickrock. The cactus blooms, yellow and pink, were everywhere. It was great seeing all the temples again in this more relaxed setting and I toasted to them each for the good times over the past couple years.

Grudgingly got back up, made it back down to Phantom by about 1:00 and soaked in the creek while Taylor fixed a blister. Then it was Bright Angel time. Always nothing but good times and laughter hiking up this at the end of the day. Maybe some curse words from behind me from time to time, but they were said while smiling. Had to be. Passed a few people blasting Beyonce on their phones near 3-mile. That clearly will pump anyone up....Before we knew it, we had topped out on the rim at 6:15, almost 12 hours on the dot from departure, and back to Tempe by 11:30. For someone that hadn't even yet done rim-to-river and back, Taylor absolutely cruised through this hike. Great day, and will just have to come back and see the Canyon again sometime

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