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mini location map2015-10-24
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Cactus to CloudsBig Bear - Jacinto, CA
Big Bear - Jacinto, CA
Hiking19.74 Miles 10,800 AEG
Hiking19.74 Miles   9 Hrs   30 Mns   2.35 mph
10,800 ft AEG   1 Hour   5 Mns Break
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A good day, but a tad bittersweet. Telescope Peak continues to prove elusive, but the power of water is something to behold in an area like Death Valley. After it became clear that hiking 18 miles to Shortys Well wasn't a great idea, we convened a meeting of the minds on the front porch of the Furnace Creek Inn. Part of what happened next was certainly my fault - upon kicking around ideas, I asked "how far away is Palm Springs?" Oops. Though my vote was officially for Mt Charleston (closer, and had done C2C a few times before), the coin said otherwise and off we went on what twisted and turned into a great adventure.

Some things I learned: that last 2,000' to the tram always is a party that leaves your legs feeling as special as always. I love the first few thousand feet of this trail and the sunrises that hit around 5,000': always will. Five Hour Energy gives you the antithesis of wings, despite what others will tell you, and the summit is great when there's no wind. Great group and good laughs along the way. Did I say I was retired from C2C? Huh.

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