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Redfield Canyon Wilderness, AZ
mini location map2016-04-09
40 by photographer avatarGrottoGirl
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Redfield Canyon Wilderness, AZ 
Redfield Canyon Wilderness, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 09 2016
Hiking15.20 Miles 3,064 AEG
Hiking15.20 Miles   9 Hrs      2.03 mph
3,064 ft AEG   1 Hour   30 Mns Break
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1st trip
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I'm slowly ramping up my hiking since my shoulder replacement and I decided I was ready for a bit more of an off-trail adventure. I did some research and decided on checking out the cliff house in Redfield Canyon. Part of the adventure was the planning as there is a lot of information out there but not a lot about specifics about the routes on getting to the house. I decided we'd go in from Jackson Cabin and make a loop of it.

With a rainy Friday and a forecast of rain on Sunday, we figured we'd make the best of it. Luckily, once we loaded the truck the rain stayed away until Sunday when we got back into to drive home. The four of us had a fun drive in, we hit dirt roads pretty early enabling a couple of us to break out some bottles out of the cooler. The big hit of the drive was talking about Ted Bundy!

As everyone assembled camp, I was in charge of the fire. I had no kindling and everything was wet except for the few pieces of wood we brought with us. I managed to start the fire after using about half a roll of paper towels!

In the morning, we had a leisurely time since I had estimated the hike to be about 10 miles (boy was I wrong!). It was suggested that we may as well hike from camp and we all agreed - adding a little over two miles to the round trip.

We hiked on the road to Jackson Cabin and then continued on into Redfield Canyon. From there we got out of the canyon and did an up and over trip. I heard a rattle but never saw the snake! :o

The best part of the day was dropping back into Redfield Canyon near the Cliff house. The views were astounding. I can totally understand why someone would pick that location to build a remote house.

Our solitude at the house was spoiled as there was already a hiker there. We made the best of it, even though. It was an amazing house that included indoor plumbing with a toilet, tub, and a kitchen sink! Wonder where the sewage went????

In Redfield Canyon near the house is one of the largest Cottonwoods I've ever seen. It was amazing. So I asked to have lunch near it.

From there we continued up Redfield canyon. At first the going was pretty easy. We just had to avoid water and poison ivy. Then things progressively became harder. We hit a spot where it was obvious I was going to have to do some scrambling. I wasn't cleared by the doctor to do such but at that point I had no choice. I carefully climbed trying not to use my right arm. But in a couple spots I had to put a bit of pressure on my shoulder. I was scared of injuring my healing shoulder - the doctor had cut the tendon for the rotator cuff and then restitched it after replacing my shoulder joint with some titanium and plastic. I slowly made my way up successfully past house sized boulders. Luckily, I've been doing canyons with a trashed out shoulder for years so I was used to not using it too much.

The canyon continued. As beautiful as it was it was also the hardest thing I had done since my surgery. As the miles added up I was starting to get tired. Luckily nature helped and an Arizona Black Rattlesnake and a bear helped distract me.

Just in time, our way out of the canyon came and soon we were back at Jackson Cabin. My shoulder was sore but not painful, so I lucked out!

That night Mac and Cheese and Hot Dogs never tasted soo good!!!
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